Six More Women Have Come Forward Since Evelyn Yang’s CNN Sexual Assault Story

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during a forum on gun safety
Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

CNN’s Dana Bash revealed on Friday that six more women have come forward with stories of sexual assault at the hands of a prominent doctor, since Evelyn Yang, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, told her story on the network onThursday.

“Since this piece aired last night, Evelyn Yang’s lawyer Anthony DePietro says he’s been contacted by six additional women who say they were assaulted by the doctor, and are looking for justice,” Bash tweeted.

During the interview, Evelyn Yang revealed that she was sexually assaulted by obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Robert Hadden while she was pregnant with her first child.

Hadden was indicted on multiple felony sex charges for abusing Evelyn Yang and 18 other female patients. In 2016, the Manhattan district attorney’s office reached a plea deal with Hadden, which let him avoid jail time but he lost his medical license. He also only had to plead guilty to assaulting two women, and Evelyn Yang was not one of them.

“I was just flat-out denied, other women flat-out denied,” Evelyn Yang said of the plea deal. “And that was very strategic. It was very strategic so that the judge wouldn’t be influenced if there were dozens of women in court saying that this man had assaulted them to this degree, maybe the judge would have said, ‘Why is he not getting any jail time? Why aren’t you pursuing jail time?'”

Evelyn Yang made the decision to reach out to CNN and go public after the positive response she and her husband received for opening up about their son, Christopher, who has autism.

Evelyn Yang’s story pushed the “WeLoveYouEvelynYang” hashtag into social media trends, and many praised her for her bravery, per CNN. Andrew Yang released a statement of his own on his wife’s story, and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders praised her for sharing her story.

Evelyn Yang and 31 other women are currently suing Columbia University, its affiliates, and Hadden for concealing, conspiring, and enabling Hadden’s sexual abuse. The civil suit outlines many of the allegations against Hadden, including groping his patients’ breasts and bodies, digitally penetrating their vaginas and anuses, and licking patients’ vaginas.

Although Evelyn Yang fought anonymously in court for over two years, she claims that her husband’s run for president has given her a voice that she believes could make a difference for survivors of Hadden, as well as other women who have dealt with sexual assault.

“I need to use that voice,” she said.