Andrew Yang Is The Only Democrat Favored To Beat Donald Trump In BetOnline Head-To-Heads

Justin SullivanGetty Images

According to BetOnline’s head-to-head prop wagers on the 2020 election, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is the only one favored to beat Donald Trump, Sports Betting Dime reports. Yang has odds of -150 to Trump’s +110. While Bernie Sanders and Trump are even with a betting line of -120, the president is favored to defeat candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

“Yang is this election’s cycle version of Sanders from four years ago,” the publication wrote. “He is the anti-establishment candidate. His plan for universal basic income [UBI] is resonating with a certain percentage of the population, especially younger voters.”

A recent Emerson College poll revealed that Yang gained the most support from former Trump voters, with 38.7 support from the president’s base. Trailing behind was Michael Bloomberg with 19.35 percent of the base’s support, Biden with 6.45 percent, and Sanders, Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Tulsi Gabbard tied with 3.23 percent.

Yang’s appeal across the political spectrum has drawn a diverse base that often pushes the theory that he is the optimal choice to take on Trump. They have trended #YangBeatsTrump to draw attention to the candidate and often note that the president has yet to attack Yang’s campaign, suggesting this is a conscious decision made out of fear.

According to Forbes, Yang frames Trump as a symptom of an underlying disease affecting America. He says that his signature proposal of a UBI of $1,000 for all Americans would at least be part of the cure for the disease, which he says stems from an economy that is pushing more Americans to the sidelines due to increased automation.

“A recent poll conducted by Economist/YouGov found that Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders are the only Democratic candidates with double-digit support from previous Trump voters,” the Forbes report reads. “As Yang further refines and repeats his message, and as the established candidates continue to talk about Trump, we can expect this support to only get stronger.”

Yang’s campaign events draw many disaffected voters who feel outside of the political system, The Atlantic reported, much like Trump did during his successful 2016 campaign against Hillary Clinton.

“I will be unbeatable. Trump knows it; that’s why he’s never mentioned me,” Yang said after being questioned if he believed he could win the election.

The 44-year-old serial entrepreneur is currently sixth in the polls. He did not take the debate stage Tuesday night. Despite missing the opportunity, he still managed to trend on Twitter and was the fourth most-tweeted-about candidate behind Sanders, Biden, and Warren.