Buttigieg, Warren Supporters Most Likely To Back Trump Against Democratic Rivals, Says Poll

Tyler MacDonald

The latest 7News/Emerson College poll of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters shows Bernie Sanders leading the pack, with Pete Buttigieg in second place, while Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are tied for third. As pointed out by Jacobin Magazine staff writer Luke Savage via Twitter, the survey also reveals that of the four frontrunners, Buttigieg and Warren's supporters are most likely to vote for President Donald Trump over one of the remaining three candidates.

The poll indicates that 12 percent of Buttigieg's supporters would back Trump over the other candidates, as would 10 percent of Warren's supporters. Comparatively, 9 percent of Biden's supporters and 4 percent of Sanders' would support Trump in the same scenario.

Sanders' speechwriter David Sirota commented on the data and suggested that it conflicted with the suggestion that Sanders' supporters would not rally behind the Democratic nominee should their choice fail to win the primary.

"It's almost as if the entire narrative about 'Bernie or Bust' voters not supporting the Democratic nominee was cynically fabricated by dishonest Washington operatives and isn't actually real," he tweeted.

Business Insider previously reported that 67 percent of Sanders supporters would vote for Warren if she were the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, which was the highest percentage of all the other Democratic candidates. Business Insider also noted that the findings conflicted with the "Bernie Bro" stereotype and the perception that his supporters are unlikely to support a female candidate.

"Moreover, it pushes against the notion that most Sanders supporters are 'Bernie or bust,' or voters who would only support the Vermont senator."

"The American people see through it, and that's why this attack is destined to fail," Ball said in her Rising monologue.