J J Abrams On Leaked Treatment For ‘Superman Flyby’

J J Abrams has some things to say about the recently leaked treatment for Superman Flyby.

After securing his spot as director for the latest Star Trek as well as its rival space movie franchise Star Wars, J J Abrams seems to have all of the bases covered. However, he also had some ideas for one of the most popular DC Comics franchises, Superman. Apparently Man of Steel had beaten out his treatment for Superman Flyby, so chances are that we would need yet another reboot like The Incredible Hulk before J J Abrams’ ideas for Superman would see the light of the camera.

J J Abrams recently told Empire what his ideas were for the Superman film that might have been. He tried to emphasize that if the Kents had found Kal-El, he most likely would have killed them by accident. They would have had to teach him to hide his powers to begin with, and without some indication early on, they might never have known in time. Kal-El would have needed to learn to limit himself and not be so fast and strong.

J J Abrams explained the consequences of such an upbringing:

“The result of that, psychologically, would be fear of oneself, self-doubt and being ashamed of what you were capable of. Extrapolating that to adulthood became a fascinating psychological profile of someone who was not pretending to be Clark Kent, but who was Clark Kent. Who had become that kind of a character who is not able or willing to accept who he was and what his destiny was.”

The Star Trek director said that Superman would have had to come to a decision to own his powers and become the superhero we know him to be. J J Abrams doesn’t know what Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan have planned for the upcoming Man of Steel, but if they are using the ideas he came up with, he won’t mind watching and enjoying it.

What do you think of what J J Abrams said about his treatment of the Superman movie?