Woman Loses 175 pounds After Kicking Her Addiction To Sugar

Helen Storms

Molly Carmel struggled with weight her whole life, weighing 235 pounds at her highest. While she tried various measures throughout the years to achieve weight loss -- from dieting to surgery -- she just couldn't seem to keep the weight off. According to Today, Carmel's journey to better health was only successful for her once she acknowledged and overcame her sugar addiction.

After numerous failed diet attempts, Carmel would turn to sugar to comfort her. Eventually, however, she realized that her addiction to sugar was more detrimental than beneficial to her overall health. This realization came when she discovered she wasn't able to perform daily activities without getting out of breath.

"It was terrible. I was hopeless, I stopped seeing my friends, I stopped traveling, I was very reclusive at that time. I don't think I recognized what a true enemy sugar was. That's the bait-and-switch that comes with sugar — the short-term. I never recognized that in the long-term, it was incredibly abusive and holding me back from virtually everything I was trying to do."

For some, cutting out sugar entirely may seem unrealistic and even extreme. However, it was the only thing that worked for Carmel, which she details in her book, "Breaking Up With Sugar: Divorce the Diets, Drop the Pounds, and Live Your Best Life."

"You re-ignite that love and taste for sugar. I have very rarely seen somebody who is successful with just a cheat day — it's usually more like a cheat week or a cheat month," she said.

She also acknowledged that while exercise is certainly important to one's overall health and can promote weight loss, it's not going to do much good in the long run if the sugar addiction is not dealt with first.

Strict and unwavering discipline seems to be the key in Carmel's situation, just as it was in Jessica Simpson's weight loss journey, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Simpson didn't allow herself slip ups and worked hard to maintain a healthy diet in order to shed over 100 pounds.