Fitness Powerhouse Kayla Itsines Shows Off Chiseled Abs In Black Sports Bra For Newest Instagram Video

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines attends day 2 of POPSUGAR Play/Ground on June 10, 2018 in New York City.
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines flaunted her chiseled abs in the latest video on her Instagram page while showing her 12 million followers how to strengthen their midsections.

Dressed in a black sports bra and matching loose-fitting shorts, the Australian powerhouse kicked things off with ab rollouts. She followed those up with side planks and hip lifts before knocking out some alternating bent-leg raises as she hung from a metal bar. Declining X crunches came next before she transitioned into doing wood chops, a lateral torso twist during which she pulled a cable weight with her arms. Kayla added some cardio to the circuit for the final exercise that involved whipping out her jump rope for a skipping session.

In the caption, Kayla stressed that this was an advanced ab routine and that it should be done for three rounds for optimal results. The new mother also informed fans that she planned to release an at-home version of the workout soon.

The video garnered nearly 500,000 views since its upload. In the comments, fans seemed intimidated by one exercise in the circuit in particular: the ab rollouts.

“HAHAHAHA now way in heck this mama could complete this,” one commenter wrote. “Can’t even do 1 rollout!!”

“Oh my that first one so so difficult! Hard on my back for sure!” another added.

But others seemed excited about the workout routine.

“Saved. Challenge accepted,” a more optimistic Instagram user wrote.

And several complimented Kayla’s impressive display of physical fitness.

“Your strength is incredible!” a fourth commenter raved.

In her previous video, Kayla focused on showing beginner fitness enthusiasts how to progress from doing an entry-level push-up to an advanced one. She showed that they can start doing the exercise with knees on the floor before moving on to doing an incline push-up on the toes, which requires the use of a bench. She then did reverse push-ups which involved starting on the toes and pushing back up with knees on the floor. The standard advanced push-up came next and Kayla further demonstrated her push-up prowess by showing her fans three more challenging versions of the exercise.

“If you’ve NEVER done a push up before, start at the beginning and when you start to feel strong and confident, move onto the next progression,” she wrote in the caption.

Based on the Instagram clip’s current stats, fans seemed to have appreciated the demo. The video has been viewed over 500,000 times since its upload two days ago and more than 600 people have commented on it.