WWE Rumors: Big Changes Might Be In Store For 24/7 Championship, Per ‘WrestlingNews.co’

Mojo Rawley poses with the 24/7 Championship on Monday Night Raw.

In May 2019, WWE introduced the 24/7 Championship, announcing that the title will be open to anyone at any time, with the idea being that it could also be defended anywhere, just as long as a referee is present to make the title change official. Due to its anything-goes nature, it soon became a comedy belt, one that was mainly contested by lower-card wrestlers and even briefly held by retired superstars, backstage officials, and celebrities. However, a new report suggests that the championship, which is now exclusive to Monday Night Raw, might be undergoing some key changes in the weeks to come.

According to WrestlingNews.co, one sign that changes may be forthcoming took place soon after this week’s Raw, where Mojo Rawley defeated 30-time 24/7 Champion R-Truth to win the belt for the second time. He then dared the rest of the locker room to come face him for the title, adding that he wouldn’t follow the example of previous titleholders by running away with the belt as other wrestlers literally chase him for a shot at the championship.

As quoted by the publication, Rawley made his intentions even clearer in a Twitter video where he emphasized that 34 different people have held the 24/7 Championship across 84 short-lived reigns.

“I’m cleaning the coward off of my title. We ain’t playing hide and go seek with this anymore. You all might think it’s smart to run and hide after your title win but as the smartest and most educated guy on the roster, I’m telling you it ain’t. This title is in need of a facelift…”

As speculated by WrestlingNews.co, Rawley’s comments on Monday Night Raw and on Twitter may be a sign that WWE feels the traditionally wacky chase for the 24/7 Championship has “run [its] course” and could be gearing up for more “traditional” title defenses instead. The outlet added that there might have been another reason behind this move — Ember Moon’s recent admission that she injured her Achilles while she was running after Carmella for the 24/7 belt.

The latest update on the 24/7 Championship comes just weeks after there was some concern that WWE had quietly decided to retire the title. However, as The Inquisitr reported, the company’s website apparently listed the championship as retired by accident, thus forcing WWE to sort out the issue and reinstate the belt. While the promotion kept fans in the loop by updating the 24/7 title’s history, it has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.