Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Tammy’ Vehicle Shaping Up With Mark Duplass And Susan Sarandon

Recently Melissa McCarthy has been enjoying monumental success with her film choices. She’s finally scoring leading roles in hit films Identity Thief, and the upcoming buddy cop comedy The Heat with Sandra Bullock. With the success of the former, and her scene stealing character in This Is 40, McCarthy is ready to take things into her own hands.

Casting for Melissa McCarthy’s starring vehicle Tammy is underway, and so far it’s turning out to be a promising vehicle for the comedienne, especially with the cast rounding out. If all goes well, McCarthy will have a fantastic cast of supporting characters to support her in the starring vehicle. “It” director, writer, and actor Mark Duplass is said to be in talks to join the road trip comedy Tammy. In addition Hollywood heavyweights Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates, both whom have enjoyed success in small films and box office budgets, are said to be joining the film too.

Melissa McCarthy’s Tammy is said to center around the character of Tammy, who unfortunately loses her job, and learns that her husband has been unfaithful to her. With this information she embarks on a road trip with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.

Who will be Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother? Well it looks like it will be none other than Susan Sarandon. It comes as a bit of a surprise, given the fact that the age gap isn’t too wide, and Shirley MacLaine is also attached to the film, which makes us wonder what role she’ll pick up in Tammy.

Tammy will also receive stellar treatment with producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay behind the project. Out of everyone in the cast, the addition of Mark Duplass proves to be a solid choice. Recently Duplass seems to be on fire, with his last directorial comedy Jeff Who Lives At Home, and quirky acting choices in Safety Not Guaranteed, and My Sister’s Sister.

Are you excited for Tammy?