‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Michael Goes Into Protective Mode

Sasha may be in danger from Nelle, and Michael wants to take safety measures.

General Hospital star Chad Duell.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Sasha may be in danger from Nelle, and Michael wants to take safety measures.

It has only been a few days since Nelle Benson’s release from Pentonville on ABC’s General Hospital and already people are scrambling. Word is spreading that this soap villain is free to wreak more havoc in Port Charles. She has already brought plenty of chaos at Shiloh’s memorial and at the Quartermaine’s shareholder’s meeting. That’s why Michael has decided to take measures to make sure his ex doesn’t hurt his loved ones again.

In the previews for Friday’s General Hospital, Michael is seen talking with Sasha, and he asks her to move in with him. He appears to be concerned about something and that is most likely because of Nelle. Anyone that is associated with him is in danger from her, and Michael is expected to take some cautionary measures to keep the ones he loves safe. There are no other details on whether she agrees to it or not, but coming up at the end of January, the couple may be relocating, according to SheKnows Soaps.

What does that mean? It’s possible that Nelle makes a move against Sasha and Michael takes her somewhere else that’s safer. Sonny’s place is well protected, so that may be an option for them.

There are many people who are in the line of fire of Nelle’s revenge, including Chase. He has already felt the wrath of Nelle Benson, and Jordan knows that. That’s why she will warn him on Friday’s General Hospital to stay clear of his ex. He isn’t too concerned for himself, but he may also try to protect Willow from Nelle.

In the same episode, Willow will have a run-in with Nelle at Brad’s apartment. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Brad will have to deal with both women on Friday. Nelle won’t be too happy that her BFF invited Willow to be Wiley’s nanny. That was before he knew of Nelle’s release from prison.

You can bet that Michael will also do whatever it takes to protect Wiley from Nelle. However, he will be in for a shock when the truth finally comes out that she is the baby’s real mother, not Willow Tait, and that Jonah has been alive all this time.

General Hospital has promised that the truth about Wiley will explode very soon. It will definitely change many lives in Port Charles. According to Nelle’s vision board, she is planning on taking Wiley away to live as mother and son with the money from Shiloh’s Quartermaine shares.