Tiger Woods gets to keep lucrative game series

Legendary hussy-botherer and sometime golfer Tiger Woods will appear on the front of the next PGA Tour golf game for consoles. Woods has put his name to the best-selling series of golf games since 1998, and won’t be dropped by publisher EA due to his marital infidelities.

EA has repeatedly said it wishes to continue working with Woods, though when a recent EA poll about Woods’ popularity appeared online, speculation heated up that he may be chopped. The golfer’s announcement that he was taking a break from the sport further fanned the gossip flames.

Thankfully, the speculation is now over. EA just confirmed that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 will release in June for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and on the iPhone. I’m guessing someone at EA realized that nobody in golf possesses even half of Woods’ marketability.

[Via press release]