Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Tease Taggert's Return & Actor Real Andrews Confirms The Exciting News

Fans have had a lot to keep up with lately on General Hospital, and spoilers just revealed a big development coming with Friday's show. Detective Marcus Taggert is back, and people cannot wait to see what comes of this.

Some viewers had been speculating that perhaps Taggert was the person Jordan recently called. She has been bothered by the fact that her friend and colleague Bob supposedly died of an overdose. She made a phone call asking someone for help, and the detective's name popped up as one possibility.

In the sneak peek for Friday's show, Taggert was shown. As General Hospital fans will surely remember, he and Sonny did not get along well. Soaps in Depth details that back when the character was first introduced in 1996, Taggert arrived in Port Charles gunning for Sonny.

Actor Real Andrews initially played Taggert, left for a while, and stepped back into the role from February 1998 through May 2003. The character has been away from Port Charles for nearly two decades, but fans have never forgotten him. In fact, the character has been referenced many times over the years as viewers recall the days when the PCPD was a true force to be reckoned with.

The show did manage to keep this major General Hospital spoiler regarding Taggert to leak ahead of time. Once the preview for Friday's episode was aired, Andrews took to Twitter to confirm his return and spread the word.

As it happens, the actor did share a photo on his Instagram page several months ago showing him with GH star Kin Shriner. In that post, Andrews added hashtags about it being audition season and nobody seemed to suspect otherwise. However, some viewers might currently be wondering if this is when he was actually back on set preparing for this return.

Is Taggert back to help Jordan or is his return connected to something else? Could he be the person who is behind the trouble that's brewing with Sonny's mob business? How long will he be back? There may not be any answers yet, but General Hospital spoilers hint that at least some of them will come with Friday's show.

Andrews did recently undergo surgery after being diagnosed with cancer, which had perhaps thrown some viewers off from thinking that Jordan had called Taggert. Despite this real-life battle, it looks like the actor is fighting hard and doing well. Many hope that this means that the detective's presence in Port Charles will be an ongoing one.

Could Taggert end up connected to Trina in some way? Recent spoilers for General Hospital have hinted that she will soon find out who she is related to in Port Charles, and most fans presume it'll be Curtis and Stella. Interestingly, however, the detective's half-sister was Gia Campbell, and some have previously tossed out the idea that Trina would be a great pick to be Gia and Nikolas' surprise daughter.

General Hospital spoilers have strongly suggested that Trina will soon find out she is Curtis' daughter. However, Taggert's return might generate some new theories and rounds of speculation. Everybody will get to see the character for the first time in many years with Friday's episode, and many will be hoping that he'll be sticking around for a long while.