Ana Cheri Seductively Poses With A Polaris Slingshot, Flaunts Her Abs & Flashes A Sultry Look

Model and trainer Ana Cheri on stage during their official weigh-in at T-Mobile Arena - Toshiba Plaza
Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Fitness model Ana Cheri took to her Instagram page on Thursday to share a tantalizing promotion for Polaris. However — based on the comments on the post — it looks like it was her sultry gaze and fabulously-fit figure that garnered most of the attention from her millions of followers.

The new upload from Cheri immediately raised heart rates and generated a lot of buzz online. The photo showed the brunette fitness model decked out for a wild ride and posing next to the Polaris Slingshot.

Cheri held a black helmet in one hand while tugging at a strap on her pants with the other. The red-black-and-white pants were snug through the hips and thighs, showing off a bit of the model’s figure. She paired the pants with white boots. Along with the long pants and boots, Cheri wore a black crop top.

The tight crop top gave Cheri the opportunity to flaunt her abs, as well as showcase a hint of her ample cleavage. The fitness model had her dark hair swept over to one side with the gentle waves of her locks cascading down over her shoulders.

In the snap, Cheri appeared to have her eyes partially closed and her lips slightly parted as she gazed seductively toward the photographer.

In the caption of the post, she said that driving the Slingshot was fabulous fun and encouraged her followers to check it out.

By the looks of the quick response to the sultry snap, Cheri’s fans were definitely intrigued. The 33-year-old California native has 12.5 million followers on Instagram — thousands of them liked the new post within minutes after it was uploaded.

About 35,000 people liked the post in the first 30 minutes after it went live on Cheri’s page, and dozens of comments immediately popped up as well. Plenty of people offered to ride the Slingshot with Cheri. Naturally, quite a few of the comments focused more on the model than the Polaris product by her side.

“D*mn baby you’re so hot,” declared one of Cheri’s fans.

“Beautiful as always love,” praised another follower.

“Omg yes you’re so stunning and that car looks AMAZING,” commented someone else.

“WHAT A SPICY FIT,” noted a different fan.

Oftentimes, Cheri’s Instagram posts feature her wearing workout gear, bikinis, or revealing lingerie. The stunning fitness model may have been more covered up than usual in her latest post, but it doesn’t look as if her fans minded one bit.