Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Her Insane Figure In Crop Top & Shorts

Ainsley Rodriguez snaps a photo
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Gorgeous fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez shared some coffee hacks in her latest Instagram post, and her outfit proved that she has mastered the art of caffeinating with flavor but without negatively impacting her figure. The brunette bombshell was all smiles in this latest upload, and her incredible physique was beautifully showcased in the casual outfit she wore.

Ainsley shared the new post on Wednesday evening, and her fans clearly loved it. The photo featured the fitness model sitting in a cafe, holding a cup of iced coffee. She tilted her head and smiled for the camera as she held up the cup, her eyes sparkling in the shot.

The model’s long tresses were styled straight and hung over one shoulder and down her back. Ainsley wore a fairly subtle makeup look, letting her natural beauty shine. She wore a revealing crop top and Daisy Dukes that showcased all of her jaw-dropping curves.

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When I’m home I usually opt for my fresh pressed juice with some kind of carrot, lemon, beet, ginger, celery concoction BUT when I travel a cup of coffee always seems to make into my hands a couple times/day! . For all you avid coffee drinkers out there – as delicious and fancy as all these flavored creamers and syrups can be … its more cals and sugars that def add up! Here are my swaps! ???????? . Iced coffee > Frappe Almond milk > creamers/milk Brown Sugar > white sugar . I’ll usually ask for an iced americano with almond milk and then add 1 packet of brown sugar (yes, I opt for brown sugar over stevia or Splenda)! If you absolutely loveeeee those caramel, hazlenut or choc pumps just ask them for 1/2 pump instead of the 3-5 they usually put in! Moderation is key ☺️❤️ I’ll have my version of a healthy morning protein frappe you can make at home up this week! ——— ESPAÑOL ???????? . Las calorías adicionales en las cremas y el azúcar pueden acumularse cuando ordenan su café! Trato de evitarlos y ordeno un café con hielo con leche de almendras en lugar de cremas y 1 paquete de azúcar morena en lugar de azúcar blanco y bombas de jarabe! ☺️❤️

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The light-colored denim shorts provided the perfect contrast against Ainsley’s tanned curves, her fit, lean legs peeking out from under the cafe table. The waistband rested right at Ainsley’s navel and gave followers a fabulous look at her insanely chiseled abs.

The crop top Ainsley wore was small, tight, and quite revealing. It was a sleeveless style with a deep V-cut in the front. The bottom of the top appeared to have a twisted band and decorative knot that sat right under her breasts.

Ainsley’s ample cleavage was on full display, and the tiny top further accentuated her fit physique. She had manicured nails with a light-colored polish and wore a few pieces of jewelry to complete the look.

In her caption, Ainsley broke down her tips for enjoying a coffee without loading it with sugar and calories. For example, she suggested using brown sugar instead of white sugar, almond milk instead of creamer and going for an iced coffee over a calorie-laden frappe.

Nearly 30,000 of Ainsley’s 1.9 million followers have already liked the post and almost 900 people added comments. Quite a few people shared details of their own coffee preferences, but many commented on the fitness model’s smile and gorgeous looks.

“Great smile and core to match!” wrote one person.

“You look phenomenal!” added another fan.

“You win the internet for the hottest today,” praised another follower.

Ainsley regularly shares videos showcasing her workout routine. Based on this new upload, it is clear that her hard work has paid off. The stunning fitness model teased that she’s got more coffee-related tips on the way this week, and her fans will be anxious to see what she posts for them next.