SNL’s Seth Meyers May Replace Jimmy Fallon On ‘Late Night’ [Report]

Seth Meyers

Now that it’s somewhat official that Jimmy Fallon is moving up to take Jay Leno’s spot on The Tonight Show in 2014, the new question has become who will take his spot on his Late Night show? While we personally think Justin Timberlake killed it during his Timberweek stint on the Late Night show, it looks like NBC is looking to court another familiar face.

SNL head writer Seth Meyers is reportedly being looked at to replace Jimmy Fallon for his Late Night show. It was reported that Fallon’s band The Roots will follow him to his new New York Tonight Show, so we’re thinking a whole new format will be created for Late Night. If anyone knows how to adapt to change it certainly is Meyers, who has been doing just that as head writer on SNL for a number of years now.

It looks like NBC’s powerful Lorne Michaels and SNL boss is also looking for Meyers to take the spot. According to a source, Michaels “wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him.” Lorne also has another opinion about former SNL cast mates. Fallon, who got his start on the sketch comedy program, still seems to be in Lorne’s high graces. Of Fallon Lorne said, ” [He’s] the closest to [Johnny] Carson that I’ve seen of this generation.”

This isn’t the first time Seth Meyers has been courted for a talk show. Last year Meyers was a front runner to join Kelly Ripa, but inevitably lost it out to Michael Strahan.

Although NBC has yet to confirm the late night changes, reports across the board have Fallon as the new man in charge come 2014. If Meyers decides to take the gig, the question becomes if he will pull both duties at NBC as head writer at SNL and Late Night host. Both jobs are full time, but since Lorne Michaels is so pro-Meyers, perhaps he will delegate.

Do you think Seth Meyers will be a good fit for Late Night?