Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Tackles Strenuous Lower Body Workout On Instagram In Blue Leggings

Anita Herbert poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert gave her lower body a strenuous workout in a video series on her Instagram page, and fans loved it.

Dressed in a bright blue sports bra and matching leggings, Anita demonstrated seven types of lunges in the series.

In the first clip, she alternated between long- and short-stride lunges with a pair of dumbbells on her shoulders. The second saw her complete a set of open stance lunges, a move that closely resembled a regular squat, except in this case, she moved forward with each repetition. She added curtsies to her weighted lunges in the third video, which seemed to require lots of focus and coordination.

The dumbbells remained on her shoulders for the next clip where she performed a set of lunges and back kicks. In the caption, she instructed her followers to squeeze their glutes when they completed the movement.

Lunges with knee drives followed. Anita then moved on to doing jumping lunges and lunge drops.

Anita’s caption explained that lunges are just as important as squats for building strong muscle in the lower body as they train the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps. She also said that they’re useful for pinpointing disproportionate muscle development in your legs since lunges force you to train each one separately. So, they’re great for anyone who feels that their right leg is stronger than their left or vice versa.

The video series has attracted over 15,000 likes and over 300 comments since uploading on Wednesday. In the comments, fans showered the 30-year-old beauty with praise.

“Omg those unbelievable abs,” wrote Israeli fitness model Avital Cohen.

“You are just fabulous,” another fan added. “Going to do these today. Thank you for sharing this with us.”

“Your legs are perfect,” a third Instagram user wrote. “Ahhh, totally goals!”

“I really love your workouts and do them a lot in my training!” a fourth commenter gushed.

In the comments section, Anita also responded to fans who asked about the source of her workout ensemble, revealing that both the sports bra and leggings were from activewear brand Body Engineers.

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Anita trained her lower body in her previous workout video series as well. In those clips, she did lots of weighted squats with a barbell plate but incorporated overhead presses, lunges, and dead lifts into the circuit as well. The post has been liked more than 23,000 times since its upload to her Instagram page two days ago and close to 400 people have commented on it.