WWE News: Charlotte Flair Opens Up About Andrade's Relationship With Zelina Vega

Kieran Fisher

Charlotte Flair and Andrade are one of WWE's most popular power couples outside of the ring, and they kicked off 2020 by announcing their engagement. However, their romance has yet to feature on Monday Night Raw storylines, as Andrade has a close bond with Zelina Vega. This doesn't appear to bother Flair, however, and she doesn't want to disrupt her boyfriend's career progress by pairing up with him on the screen just now.

During an interview with Metro, Flair revealed that she will likely team with Andrade down the line, but for now, they are both focused on their solo careers.

"I think the two of us having separate storylines and not being together on camera is probably for the best right now. Definitely later down the road, we're open to the idea of a mixed tag or doing something together. But I think right now is a super important time in his career, and I wouldn't want to interfere with how well Zelina and Manny work together."

Vega has also been integral to Andrade's success on the main roster, and WWE will likely be keen on keeping them together for the foreseeable future. According to recent reports, the company has big plans for Andrade on Monday Night Raw, and it's likely only a matter of time until he's a main event superstar.

Of course, it's surely only a matter of time before Andrade and Flair become official on WWE television. As evidenced by last year's storyline featuring Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch teaming up to take on their onscreen enemies, as well as the current storyline involving Lana and Rusev, WWE is keen on incorporating real relationships into the product whenever an opportunity arises.