Isabella Buscemi Goes Topless In Sheer Tights On Instagram

Isabella Buscemi takes a selfie.
Isabella Buscemi / Instagram

Isabella Buscemi took to her Instagram page today to share a new revealing picture, one where she went topless in a pair of sheer tights.

In the photo, the model posed with her shoulder facing the camera, standing and placing her right hand over her chest. Meanwhile, she raised her other hand towards her head. Isabella also propped out her left foot in front for the shot, leaving not just her chest but also her derriere on display.

Isabella was wearing little more than a pair of sheer tights with an eye-catching ruffle accent. Underneath them, she sported a pair of thong bottoms. The tights were high-waisted and the ruffle was attached to the left side of her hip, cascading down her leg.

Meanwhile, the stunner glanced at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. She gave a smile with her lips parted, and her makeup accentuated her features. This included shimmery light eyeshadow and dark lashes, as well as dark pink, glossy lipstick. Isabella pulled her hair back into a high ponytail, which she secured with a black scrunchie. Her blond locks fell down to the middle of her back. She also left a couple of her wavy bangs out to frame her face.

The beauty accessorized with sparkling stud earrings and a necklace.

The captions revealed that the picture was taken within the hours of the sun rising or setting — which meant that her skin was bathed in a golden glow.

The bombshell’s fans headed to the comments section to rave about the image.

“Any hour is your golden hour,” declared an admirer.

“OMG!!!!!! I’m dying so beautiful!!!! Girl crush every day!!” exclaimed a supporter.

It wasn’t just the fans that left comments either, as Isabella stopped by with a quick message of her own.

“Can we take a look at my hair growth!? I’m so happy my hair is growing,” she noted.

“You hair looks so pretty always my friend,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, Isabella shared another flirty update five days ago that also called attention to her chest. That time, she wore a tiny black bikini. The swimsuit was shiny and the top was arguably too small, which meant that her underboob and sideboob weren’t fully contained. Meanwhile, her bottoms had thin straps that rested high on her waist. The model was photographed her right leg crossed in front and her right hand placed on her forehead.