Jessa Duggar Shares Hospitality Tips, But Ivy Jane And Spurgeon Steal The Show With Their Antics

Jessa SeewaldInstagram

Jessa Duggar used her YouTube page to impart her wisdom on hospitality. For her latest video, the 27-year-old Counting On star was joined by two special guests, her 4-year-old son Spurgeon and her 7-month-old daughter Ivy. The kids were pretty quiet during their mom’s filming session, but they still managed to steal the show with their occasional interruptions and other antics.

Jessa was sharing her tips for being a good hostess. She admitted that she’s not an “amazing” hostess herself, but she’s been using her mother’s advice and her observational skills to improve her house guests’ experiences when they come over to visit.

Jessa revealed that one thing she’s learned from her mother is that it’s impossible to get the house “spotless” when you have children. Instead of pressuring herself to clean the entire house, she focuses on a few areas.

“I feel like a clean bathroom does a lot,” she said.

She’s learned from observing other hosts that it’s helpful to have a bottle of nice-smelling hand soap and a scented candle in the bathroom.

Some of Jessa’s other advice included giving her guests water bottles with their names written on them in permanent marker, ordering takeout instead of cooking, and telling guests to bring dessert or fruit if they ask if they should bring something.

A few minutes into her video, Jessa was joined by Ivy Jane and Spurgeon. Both kids seemed entranced by seeing themselves on camera.

“Mama, I want to look at this video,” Spurgeon said as he sat next to his little sister on the couch.

The little boy proceeded to stick his tongue out at the camera, but Jessa didn’t miss a beat; she just continued dishing out her hospitality advice. As she spoke, Ivy Jane stared at the camera with her huge blue eyes, sucked her thumb, and played with a toy giraffe. She also occasionally laughed and cooed.

Spurgeon disappeared and reappeared multiple times throughout the video. The little boy seemed to enjoy making silly faces at the camera, and he kept Ivy Jane entertained by nuzzling her face and blowing on her to make her smile.

Ivy Jane coincidentally perked up and started cooing loudly when her mother began talking about the importance of serving a kid-friendly dish if dinner guests are bringing their children with them.

“Oh, yeah. She says, ‘Don’t forget the kids’ food,” Jessa said of her daughter’s interruption.

Spurgeon decided he also wanted to share his hospitality advice with his mother’s viewers, reminding Jessa not to forget the adult’s food.

“What about the adults?” he asked.

Near the end of the video, Jessa was interrupted by Spurgeon one more time. The little boy whispered something to his mother, and she revealed that he was asking her for a spoon to drink the juice from a pickle jar.

Jessa asked her fans to share their own hospitality advice in the comments section of her YouTube video, but most of the responses were about her adorable kids.

“She is the cutest baby ever! I’m sorry Jessa, I was really trying to pay attention to what you were saying but Ivy stole the show!!” wrote one fan.

“Aw I’m getting distracted by her kids they are so cute,” remarked another fan.

Jessa’s fans love it whenever her children make appearances in one of her videos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the mother of three was lavished with praise when she shared a video of Spurgeon helping her do the laundry.