‘My 600-LB Life’ Bethany Stout Weight-Loss Update: See Her Progress After Leaving Dr. Now’s Program

Jeff J MitchellGetty Images

Bethany Stout is trying to do what very few people on My 600-LB Life have ever accomplished — continue to lose weight after dropping out of their formal program with renowned surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

Bethany was featured in the most recent episode of the TLC docu-series, with viewers following her attempts to overcome an addiction to food and slim down her 600-plus-pound frame. As Distractify noted, her addiction started when she was a child and raised by a grandmother who used food to placate her, with two parents who often weren’t around.

The addiction grew quickly, with Bethany reaching 400 pounds by age 13 and 400 pounds by age 15. The situation grew worse as she endured a series of abusive relationships, the report added.

She came to the show with the support of her children, who became her caretakers and were desperate to see their mom return to health.

While Bethany came to My 600-LB Life with the hopes of making drastic changes, she ultimately decided that she would do it on her own. After losing 69 pounds in order to get bariatric surgery and another 30 pounds after the procedure, her progress slowed and Dr. Now suggested that she focus on conquering her demons with psychotherapy so she can make more significant weight-loss gains.

Bethany disagreed and ultimately decided to leave his program entirely, trying to lose weight on her own. It’s a decision that has rarely worked for others featured on My 600-LB Life. Those who return home or drop out of the program often struggle to lose weight — or even put weight back on — while those that relocate to Houston to work closely with Dr. Now usually see the most significant progress.

Despite the frustration she felt with still feeling such strong food cravings after surgery, Bethany appears determined to continue losing weight. She started a blog called Bariatric Mama where she has shared some updates, telling followers that she would be able to tell more once her episode of My 600-LB Life aired.

Bethany has also shared some of her weight-loss pictures on her Facebook page, showing that she seems to have continued losing weight. She also seems to be enjoying more time with her family, with many pictures showing family activities where she looks more active than she appeared on My 600-LB Life. It’s not clear yet exactly how much weight she has lost, but Bethany promised to give followers more updates on her blog in the future.