Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Her Curvy Derriere & Ample Cleavage While Sharing Scary Note, Joking About A Bad Date

Niece Waidhofer snaps a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Niece Waidhofer is causing a stir on Instagram once again. The 29-year-old American beauty shared a sultry selfie along with a jaw-dropping caption that elicited a quick and fierce reaction from her followers.

The photo that Niece posted on Instagram was quite the sexy one. Thanks to the mirror behind her, fans could tell that the model was kneeling on a bed as she winked at the camera and pulled her shirt up. The stunning Instagram personality angled the photo to show some cleavage, but not much more of her chest.

It was the reflection in the mirror, however, that really had followers buzzing. In addition to the pink-and-white T-shirt, Niece was wearing a pair of skimpy white panties. The thong panties showcased the model’s curvy backside and pert derriere beautifully.

For this photo, Niece wore her long, dark hair swept over her head and let her waves cascade over one shoulder and down her back. She wore heavy eyeliner and shadow along with a pale pink lip color. She gave a smile and a wink as she snapped the shot.

In the geotag of this selfie, Niece wrote “Please Don’t Stalk Me” rather than a location. Then, in the caption, the model wrote a lengthy note that may have given her followers some chills.

“Y’all remember the dude I declined to go on a third date with and then he went bat sh*t and called me from 32 different numbers in one night and reported me to the IRS and sh*t?” Niece began.

“Well I found his real name and arrest records (plural) lmaoooooooh my god I am going to f*cking die. All I ask is that when I’m found dead having slipped in the shower and broken 62 bones, y’all gotta make me into a meme, deal? Deal,” the gorgeous brunette continued.

It was clearly pretty unsettling for the Instagram personality to deal with someone who was causing her so much grief. However, it looks like Niece was doing her best to laugh it off. She then added hashtags declaring “Waidhofer Didn’t Kill Herself” and “RIP in Peace Me” at the end of her caption.

The model has 1.3 million people following her social media page, and almost 50,000 of them liked the post in the first few hours after she had uploaded it. More than 1,300 people commented as well, and there was a wide variety of opinions on what Niece had shared.

While a few people commented with negative notes, many praised Niece for handling the situation. Plenty of the notes focused on the sexy photo and complimented the gorgeous brunette. In all, it seems that she got more support than criticism, and her fans will be hoping that she can put this creepy situation behind her.