Fitness Bombshell Krissy Cela Shows Off Killer Figure & Flexes In Skimpy Black Bikini

Krissy Cela snaps a selfie on Instagram.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela is sizzling in her most recent social media update. As those who follow the fitness model on Instagram know, the stunner is no stranger to flaunting her killer figure for fans in a wide-range of sexy outfits that include bikinis, crop tops, and workout gear. In the most recent video that was shared on her popular page, the bombshell sizzled in another stunning outfit.

In the brand new clip, the beauty posed for the camera in what appeared to be her bedroom, though she did not specifically tag her location. Cela looked nothing short of stunning in a skimpy black bikini that left virtually nothing to the imagination, featuring a tiny top that offered generous views of her cleavage. The bottoms were just as sexy and were pretty high-cut, showing off the bombshell’s trim legs and taut tummy.

She wore her long, dark locks down and straight in addition to a little bit of jewelry, including gold hoop earrings and a matching bracelet. Cela struck a number of different poses in front of the camera, flexing her muscles in the process and showing off her fit physique. In the caption of the post, she told fans how they could reach their goals quicker.

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⭐️I won’t be the person to tell you to do endless cardio… unless you want to. I won’t be the person who will advise you to cut out a food group to reach your “goals” quicker. I also will never be the person that will promote quick fixes and unsustainable results. Stop viewing your health as a quick fix, because at the end of it all you have you every single day for the rest of your life… so be gentle, work hard, be consistent and fuel your body with wholesome nutritional food. I train 3-5 days a week I love cooking my own food and knowing what I’m putting into my body! I have no idea how much I weigh and honestly I don’t even care I have crappy sessions / days / weeks and I have really great sessions too! I used to train to look a certain way now I train because it’s my escape from my reality, it’s my therapy and it’s my time to be present! I have stretch marks and i don’t even think twice about it… I’m like hey girl you good! I also help hundreds and thousands of women ALL around the WORLD❗️ focus on themselves for themselves…. to train a way that fits them and to eat a way they love! I’m proud of the entire @toneandsculptapp community. Thank you for always being my daily motivation to keep on going no matter what ???? PS I had sweet potato in my mouth as I was filming this teheheheh

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The clip has only been live on her account for a short time but it’s already earning her a ton of attention from her 1 million-plus fans. So far, it’s racked up over 76,000 likes in addition to well over 1,500 comments. Some of her fans took to the post to let her know that she looked stunning while countless others applauded her hard work. A few more had no words and flooded the comments section with their choice of emoji.

“Such perfect words. You’re incredible Krissy! Strong inside and outside- I look up to you tremendously,” one fan raved, adding a series of heart emoji.

“I think stretch marks are beautiful!! No woman should be ashamed of them!” a second follower added.

“I actually love you Krissy wow, you are so strong, you freaking go girl,” gushed a third along with a few flame emoji.

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