Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Michael Catches Heat & Julian Cautions Brad

Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell play Nelle and Michael on 'General Hospital'.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Big moments are on the way with Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Nelle’s sudden parole and wedding bombshell will continue to rattle people across Port Charles. In addition, Julian will meet up with Brad and their contentious relationship will seemingly intensify.

During Wednesday’s show, fans got to see the fallout from Nelle’s big shocker. She explained that she managed to get early parole, thanks to the stunt she pulled with Ryan. She also revealed that she had married Shiloh before he died. By the end of the episode, she had interrupted the ELQ board meeting to stake her claim on the shares Oscar had left Shiloh.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Tracy will soon be blaming Michael, seemingly for this Nelle complication. For one, Nelle is involved in all of this in large part due to her former romance — and ultimately bitter breakup — with Michael. Not only that, but Tracy has been quite snarky about Michael being the CEO of ELQ and she’ll likely believe that he mishandled this share situation.

As was discussed during the hearing, the status of those shares formerly belonging to Oscar had been undetermined. Even if Shiloh had still been alive, Oscar left behind two different documents that put the status of his shares in limbo. A court would need to determine which document prevailed, though it had essentially become a non-issue with Shiloh’s death.

Now, however, Nelle is making a play for a big payday by staking her claim on those shares as Shiloh’s widow.

Michael wasn’t intimidated by Tracy and her maneuvering to push him aside with ELQ, but now he’s facing a challenge from Nelle as well. Not only that, Tracy told Ned someone was angling to take over ELQ and it’s not clear yet who is behind the potential takeover.

How far will Nelle get with this scheme? General Hospital spoilers suggest she’ll hit an obstacle of some sort next week, but it probably won’t slow her down for long. Soon she’ll try to get Brook Lynn on her side and fans know that as Nelle goes after ELQ, she’ll also be scheming to get her hands on Jonah.

Nelle did a pretty good job of rattling Willow by claiming that — as Shiloh’s widow — she might be able to fight for the boy. Legally, that’s not likely to really gain any traction. Not only would Nelle not really have any standing, even as Shiloh’s widow, fans know that a DNA test would be required and it would show the toddler isn’t Shiloh’s son.

However, Nelle might try to use this situation to get close to “Wiley,” or even snatch him, all under the guise that she’s doing it as Shiloh’s widow, rather than as the boy’s true biological mother.

As Nelle continues to shake things up, General Hospital spoilers detail that Julian will meet up with Brad. It seems likely that Julian will break down the unsettling conversation he had with Sonny, which is sure to rattle Brad.

Will the baby swap secret implode due to Sonny’s curiosity, Nelle’s release, or Lucas’ recovery? Willow is going to be helping Brad with Wiley and some fans speculate that this will end up central to the truth emerging about the little boy. One way or another, General Hospital spoilers promise that the truth will come out not too far down the road and it certainly seems that this bombshell will drop soon.