Donald Trump Jr. Shares Meme Making Fun Of ‘Less Diverse’ Democratic Nominee Field To Instagram

Donald Trump Jr. leads a rally for his father, President Donald Trump.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr., the oldest son of the president, shared a meme to his Instagram account on Wednesday morning that took aim at Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate participants.

Trump Jr. shared an image that made note of the lack of diversity in the array of candidates who had made it to this latest debate and compared them to a group of Republican primary candidates from 2016. The meme poked some fun at the president along with the Democratic candidates.

In the top portion of the image, the six Democratic candidates who qualified for Tuesday night’s debate were shown standing on the stage together. Over each candidate’s head was a block of text noting that they were each white. The bottom half showed five candidates from the 2016 Republican field. In addition to Trump, the shot showed Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush.

The text boxes for that portion noted each Republican primary candidate’s ethnicity, stating Rubio is Cuban, Cruz is Cuban and Canadian, and Carson is Black. There were also some tongue-in-cheek moments, as the box above Trump referred to the president as “Orange” and the one above Bush said “Wood.”

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Ok I had to???????????? ORANGE!!!!

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Trump Jr.’s 2.3 million followers seemed to love the meme. The photo amassed nearly 110,000 likes in the first three hours after it was posted. It received almost 5,000 comments during that time frame as well.

“As his son, you are allowed!! Good sense of humor!!” praised one Trump fan.

“God bless the Donald and the Jr. for the laugh this morning thanks,” wrote another Trump family supporter.

A number of Trump Jr.’s fans pointed out that Elizabeth Warren has frequently talked about having Native American heritage. As the president’s supporters know, Trump has often referred to Warren as “Pocahontas” as a sarcastic nod to that. Quite a few people got a kick out of Bush being referenced as wood as well.

“You’re hysterical Don! What a sense of humor,” declared another follower.

“As a tanning salon owner I’m just glad he appreciates a tan,” wrote someone else who embraced the president’s coloring.

The commentary was almost entirely supportive of Trump Jr. and his father, as is often the case with Trump Jr.’s Instagram posts. The president’s oldest son does have a history of sharing photos that he knows will cause a stir, as was the case with a recent shot that was related to Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. doesn’t typically share memes or photos that acknowledge digs at his own family. However, as he noted in this case, it seems that he just couldn’t resist this one that hit the Democratic field of candidates and poked a bit of fun at the president at the same time.