New Mexico Man Shoots Horse In Head, Says F*** You To Animal Activists [Shocking Video]

Tim Sappington shoots horse in head

Albuquerque, NM — A New Mexico man has posted a YouTube video of himself apparently fatally shooting a horse in the head. Before he pulls the trigger of his pistol at point blank range, he says, “All you animal activists, f*** you.”

The man in the video is identified in various news accounts as Tim Sappington, a maintenance contractor for a company that is seeking federal approval to open a horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico, which would be the first such facility in the US since 2007. Sappington is apparently a proponent of eating horse meat.

Authorities are now investigating the incident as a case of alleged animal cruelty, and even the FBI has reportedly gotten involved. A search warrant was executed at his Sappington’s home yesterday in connection with the probe.

The company, Valley Meat Co. of Roswell, says it has nothing to do with the video and that Sappington allegedly shot the horse on his own time and on his own property rather than on company property. Since it hit YouTube, the firm has received death threats.

“I didn’t have anything to do with that video, that’s the honest truth, but like I said, people will make assumptions,” co-owner Rick De Los Santos said. De Los Santos added that “He shot a horse, that’s what he eats, it’s not against the law to slaughter your own horse. Now, putting it on YouTube, I would not have done that.”

In a separate media account, Sappington recently claimed that he is a fan of horse meat and that he’s been eating it for years.

Animal rights groups as well as Gov. Susana Martinez are trying to stop the plant from obtaining federal government approval to slaughter horses.

Warning: This video of the horse being shot in the head and killed allegedly by Tim Sappington is very disturbing: