Fitness Trainer Kelsey Wells Shows Off Impressive Sumo Jump Squats In Strappy Black Sports Bra And Shorts

Kelsey Wells poses for a selfie a ta gym in the gym
Kelsey Wells / Instagram

Kesley Wells, a fitness trainer with 2.6 million followers on Instagram, showed off her impressive athletic ability in the latest video on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a strappy black sports bra and matching shorts, the 29-year-old mother-of-one wowed fans with a series of sumo jump squats that flowed into a set of push-ups and mountain climbers. She repeated the circuit four more times with apparent ease before the video ended.

In the caption, Kelsey called the workout a “PWR HIIT Challenge,” likely because PWR is the name of her signature workout program. In the program, she puts an emphasis on building strength and muscle tone.

Kelsey added that the circuit she completed in the video should be done for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest, for five to eight rounds. Kelsey also called it one of her favorite workouts. She said that it’s designed to “get your heart pumping and body sweating!”

At the time of writing, the video had been viewed more than 85,000 times and close to 200 Instagram users had commented on it. In the comments section, fans seemed enthralled by Kelsey’s display of physical fitness.

“My body hurts just thinking about doing this,” one person wrote before adding two laughing emojis to their comment.

“Kelsey your sumo broad jump is one of my favorite things to watch! I try to channel you when I do them!” another added.

“You make it look easy and it’s nothing but,” a third commenter wrote.

“I’m sweating just watching you do this!” a fourth remarked.

Other fans speculated about how healthy her knees must be based on her awe-inspiring sumo jump squats.

Kelsey also received questions about her workout attire, specifically her sports bra. However, she has yet to reveal where she acquired it.

Kelsey is no stranger to showing off her athletic prowess on Instagram. In a previous post, she performed pikes. To do so, she positioned herself into a handstand and placed her legs on a large red resistance ball. She then pushed herself into an inverted “V” position and then lowered body down again.

That circuit included additional ab-focused exercises, such as knee tucks, oblique crunches, push-ups, and more.

“Remember this is stability work and is NOT to be done for speed,” she advised in the caption. “Slow and controlled = winning.”

That upload proved popular with Kelsey’s fans. It has been viewed over 220,000 times and has garnered close to 350 comments.