Melissa Riso Goes Braless & Rocks Open Jacket, Black Panties, Thigh-High Boots: 'Make Yourself A Priority'

Melissa Riso thrilled her Instagram fans with her latest sexy share on the popular social media platform.

The actress stood in front of a wall of uncovered windows that revealed plenty of green trees, but she was the scenery in the sensual photograph. Riso bared a generous amount of her ample cleavage under a brown suede jacket, which she wore unzipped. The model's navel tattoo was visible in the picture, and her low-rise black panties emphasized her flat stomach and curvy backside. The edges of matching brown suede thigh-high boots showed off the actress's tightly toned thighs.

Riso wore her long, dark hair in soft curls, which fell over one shoulder. She posed with one hand lifting her hair and the other holding the edge of the jacket, protecting her modesty. Heavy black eyeliner and mascara, along with smoky eye shadow, made Riso's brown eyes pop as she gazed off at something out of the frame. She wore nude lipstick on her lips and a bit of bronzer and highlighter on her cheekbones.

In the caption, the model shared an inspirational quote about making yourself a priority since, throughout a lifetime, each person's longest commitment is to themselves. She credited Studio 977 as the photographer of the stunning shot. Her fans loved the new post, and more than 5,400 hit the "like" button in under an hour. Plus, nearly 170 Instagram users also took the time to write a positive comment for Riso in the reply section.

The entire comments section was filled with multiple flame emoji, indicating that viewers thought that the model's picture was pure fire.

"Melissa Riso, you look absolutely incredible, and you are so super-sexy. I love it, and I love you always and forever," wrote one grateful fan who also included a large variety of emoji expressing his love.

"It's always wise to make yourself a priority....if you don't, no one will do it for you... looking great, by the way. Very good," a second follower praised along with kiss emoji.

"Damn Melissa Riso, you look so sexy half-naked," exclaimed a fan along with nearly a dozen red hearts.

"You are just absolutely beautiful and just so perfect in every way, Melissa Riso. x," a fourth happy follower declared.

Previously, the celebrity hairstylist let her fans know that she doesn't play games. In that post, she wore a stunning animal-print bustier dress with gold chains as straps, according to The Inquisitr.