Rob Lowe Tells Kelly Clarkson His Secrets To Looking Young After Showing Her His 'Baby'

Kelly Clarkson could not stop gushing about how great actor Rob Lowe looked when he appeared on Tuesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Rob, 55, brought a special gift for Kelly that sparked a conversation about his health habits. He presented the host with a massive reusable water bottle with his face emblazoned on it, and he showed off his even larger fluid-filled bottle. The actor revealed that he carries the gallon jug with him everywhere.

"I call it my baby, and just like my real babies, sometimes I neglect it," said the father of two adult sons. "And other times, I'm really, really good. But no matter what, it always fills me up."

Rob's supersized water bottle was marked with different times of the day. This helped ensure that he consumed the correct amount of water by each designated time. Each marker also had a motivational message out beside it. They included the words "You've got it," "No excuses," "A little bit more," and "Well done, sir."

Rob challenged Kelly to finish her full water bottle by the end of their interview.

"I'm going to be peeing like, so much!" the talk show host responded.

Rob revealed that drinking a full gallon of water each day is one of the ways he stays healthy. While this might seem easy enough, he said that it can be a challenge to polish off his bottle during the winter.

"Is this water from the fountain of youth?" Kelly asked her guest. "Because if you found it, like share!"

Kelly then asked Rob if he really is a "health nut." He confirmed that one of his secrets to looking so youthful is that he's committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and he revealed that this dedication to taking care of his body literally inspired his physically fit and endlessly energetic Parks and Recreation character, Chris Traeger. However, Rob said that the show's writers took his enthusiasm for being healthy and "really amped it up" when creating Chris's persona.

"I thought I was a regular guy. I work out; I like to be outdoors," Rob said. "But I guess I'm a little bit beyond that."

Kelly expressed amazement that Rob ever thought that he was a regular guy, and she said that she'd be taking full advantage of the mirrors in his home if she were him.

"If I were you, I'd be walking by every day like, 'Damn! Good job! All right!'" Kelly said.

Rob and Kelly also discussed one of his other secrets to staying slim and trim: the Atkins diet. Rob is spokesperson for the Atkins company, and he credits the low-carb diet for changing his life.

"It just gives me energy, and it's easy," he said.

Kelly knows a thing or two about dieting after losing 37 pounds last year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she attributed her weight loss to the changes she made to her diet using the knowledge about food that she gained from reading The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain.

Kelly also expressed some interest in the Atkins diet after Rob revealed that the company sells chocolate shakes. You can check out her interview with the actor below.