Niece Waidhofer Cuddles A Body Pillow, Flaunts Her Booty In Lacy White Panties

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

For her latest Instagram update, sultry model Niece Waidhofer looked drop-dead gorgeous.

The sultry vixen amazed her fans by wearing revealing lacy white panties that flaunted her perky booty and slender legs. She also wore a long-sleeved crop top with a chest cutout that exposed the stunner’s breasts.

Niece cuddled up to a body pillow with an anime version of herself, surrounded by tentacles, printed onto the pink fabric. The animated girl had the same gun tattoos as the model.

For the photo, the busty babe laid on her side in what appears to be her bed at home in Houston, Texas. She left her long dark hair down to fan out behind her. The model also wore her favorite style of makeup, including a heavy smoky eye, a light application of bronzer and foundation, and some lipstick. She opted not to wear any accessories or paint her nails.

“She shall be named Niece Waifuhofer,” wrote the model, referencing the term “waifu” — a play on the word “wife” that anime fans use to describe women they find attractive in their favorite shows and manga.

She joked about bringing her pillow along with her to churches, funerals, and other gatherings that would be super-inappropriate to bring something like that to.

In under two hours, Niece’s pic racked up over 42,000 likes and more than 600 comments. Her many admirers took to her comments section to praise her beauty and to teasingly poke fun at her new pillow. Several people complimented Niece on her hilarious sense of humor and her willingness to be herself and not feel the need to hide her goofy personality.

“Hah Just won one of these in a claw machine in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago,” wrote one person.

“What happened to you cousin’s hamster’s ex-wife? Did she have an unusual accident?” joked another user, referring to one of the lines in Niece’s photo caption.

“You really got a waifu pillow of yourself… that’s the type of energy I’m trying to radiate in 2020,” a third person said.

The model also shared a different still of herself before the body pillow update. In that photo, she wore a shirt in the same style, except in black instead of white.

Yesterday, the buxom babe sizzled in another snapshot that showcased her incredibly curvy breasts. She wore nothing but a strappy black bra that left very little to the imagination in a photo that photo earned over 97,000 likes.