Alex Trebek Discusses How He Intends To Spend His Days Post-‘Jeopardy!’

Alex Trebek hopes to work around his house after he finally retires.

Alex Trebek accepts an award.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Alex Trebek hopes to work around his house after he finally retires.

Alex Trebek is now 79-years-old and is currently battling stage four pancreatic cancer. After hosting the popular trivia show Jeopardy! for 36 years, he recently acknowledged that his retirement may come sooner than he’d like due to his health. In a recent interview, Trebek revealed how he hopes to spend his time after his Jeopardy! days are over. It will involve getting projects done around his home, according to CNBC.

Trebek’s retirement sounds like it will involve some relaxation but he also hopes to keep busy with home improvement projects, something he particularly enjoys.

When asked how he wants to share his future free time, he joked that he wants to “drink.”

He laughed before giving a more serious answer, “No, I’ll work around the house.”

Trebek prides himself on his skills as a handyman, which he discussed in the podcast A Lot To Learn With Austin Rogers. The TV host had uncles who were in construction, which is where he gained his passion for tackling at-home projects.

“If I can do it, I’ll do it,” he said of his aptitude for remodeling projects.

Trebek is currently in the midst of undergoing treatment after revealing to the world that he’d been diagnosed with cancer this past March. Despite the severity of the disease, he has maintained a positive mindset and a determination to fight the disease to the best of his ability. Initially, he responded very well to the treatments and was even told by doctors that he was near remission. Unfortunately, his cancer returned and was much stronger. Since then, doctors have had to adjust his treatment plan.

Due to Trebek’s current health crisis, he’s been reflecting back upon his years on Jeopardy! and has discussed what he hopes his legacy will be upon leaving the show. Most of all, he hopes people will learn from the show that there is value in learning and that it can greatly benefit one’s life and perspective, allowing them a greater understanding of the world around them, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

“Even though you are not going to use a particular bit of knowledge, information that you acquire — even though you’re not going to be able to use it in a practical way in your daily life or in your work life or at home, whatever — it becomes part of you,” he said. “It enriches you and makes you a better human being and, I think, a more understanding human being.”