January 14, 2020
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Scheana Marie Slams Dayna Kathan For Hooking Up With Her Boss

Scheana Marie will be joined at SUR Restaurant by Dayna Kathan on tonight's new episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 after the new cast member was first seen acting as a hostess at TomTom.

After Tom Sandoval suggested last week that Lisa Vanderpump was attempting to convince Dayna to take on some shifts at SUR, Scheana was given the task of training Dayna, as well as fellow newbies Brett Caprioni and Charli Burnett, who both work at the West Hollywood hotspot and star on the Bravo series in full-time roles.

In a sneak peek at the show's January 14 episode shared by E! News, longtime manager Peter Madrigal informs Scheana of her duties. Right away, Scheana is taken aback at the thought of having to work so closely with someone who is sleeping with her ex-flame, Max Boyens, who works as the manager of TomTom.

"Before yesterday, I only knew Dayna as the girl who I would literally walk right past to get into my friends' bar," Scheana tells cameras in a cast confessional. "Now, she's the girl who's not only f*cking her boss, but my leftovers."

While Scheana seemed to be more interested in Brett than Max during last week's episode, that doesn't seem to have canceled out the apparent bitterness she has towards Dayna. As the scene continues, she's seen making her do a bit more than what is necessary at the restaurant.

"Is it really Dayna's job to polish every glass on the patio? No," Scheana admits as her confessional continues.

As Dayna tends to the busywork she's been assigned, Charli is seen tending to a much lighter set of duties as she simply follows Scheana around and watches her work. Meanwhile, Dayna takes notice and says during her own cast confessional that she finds Scheana's behavior to be "interesting."

"Out of the two people that Scheana was assigned to train, the only one she's actually not training is the one that's going on a date with Max," she says.

As the preview clip continues, Scheana goes to check on Dayna and is quickly confronted about her potential issue with her cast member.

"I was just wondering if I did something that upset you?" Dayna asks.

In response, Scheana says that while she doesn't necessarily have a problem with Dayna, she does have a problem with the way Max labeled her "boy crazy" during last week's episode and feels upset about the way he turned on her and began sleeping with his staff.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Scheana and Dayna were involved in a bit of a love triangle with Max during the early episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 8.