Lindsay Lohan Gets A New Man And Cameo TV Spot Before Rehab

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan may be a very busy girl before the serves her 90-day rehab sentence. The former child star will allegedly make a cameo appearance on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management before going to rehab. She has also been linked romantically to a New York musician.

A supposed insider source told the NY Post that Lindsay Lohan will spend a week in Los Angeles with Charlie Sheen for taping and then wants to go take a vacation in Brazil. Lohan will supposedly play one of Sheen’s patients on the sitcom.

The movie star gave the struggling actress $100,000 after they appeared together in Scary Movie 5. It allegedly took Lohan quite a while to say thank you for the generous gift, which was ultimately used to pay down her IRS bill.

Charlie Sheen plays a former baseball star turned therapist on Anger Management. Lindsay Lohan’s attorney Mark Heller said she will be portraying a patient who falls in love with Sheen’s therapist character. The cameo appearance on Anger Management will reportedly take two days to film.

Lohan allegedly spent a day in Santa Monica this week with supposed new love interest Avi Snow. The man most recently linked to Lindsay is a NYC club promoter and musician. The pair has allegedly been an item for about two weeks. Avi Snow is the guitarist for City of the Sun, and indie band.

Lindsay Lohan and Avi Snow were supposedly both on the Mr. Pink airplane that transported the actress to her court appearance in L.A. on Tuesday morning. After the Mean Girls start posed for her now infamous sixth mugshot, she allegedly rushed over to Avi Snow’s show at the 41 Ocean, a private club in Santa Monica.

At least one supposed insider thinks that Avi Snow could be a good influence on Lindsay Lohan. He is reportedly not a party animal and stays away from the drug scene.

What do you think about a Lindsay Lohan and Avi Snow pairing?

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