Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Revelation Causes Waves Throughout Port Charles

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A lot of bombshells have dropped in Port Charles over the past week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more on the way. During Tuesday’s show, viewers learned that Nelle Benson had orchestrated the mysterious memorial service for Shiloh Archer. Not only that, but she had indeed married him before his death. Wednesday’s show will bring more on this front.

Some fans had speculated that Nelle was behind this service, and their suspicions were confirmed at the very end of the episode. In addition, General Hospital viewers felt confident that Nelle’s mystery husband was virtually guaranteed to have been Shiloh, and now that has been revealed to be the case.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show teased that there would be more coming from Nelle. She’ll hold up her ring finger and wiggle it as she announces that she had become Mrs. Shiloh Archer. She’ll tell everybody that they are her guests, and there is no doubt that Michael, in particular, will be quite agitated by this revelation.

How did Nelle manage to put this event together, and how did she get out of Pentonville? Answers to those questions aren’t known yet, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that Nelle would manage to be released from jail. Fans will certainly be interested to see how she pulled this off.

Are these antics of Nelle’s also somehow connected to the ELQ takeover Tracy talked to Ned about? Fans have suspected that Nelle would be causing trouble for the Quartermaines and ELQ because of this marriage to Shiloh and the company shares Oscar left him in his will. However, based on what Tracy told Ned, it seems as if ELQ might currently be facing threats from a couple of different directions.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that in addition to Nelle shocking everybody with the information she reveals, she’ll soon be sparking big emotions from Carly again. Willow is going to be worrying about Wiley, and fans know that Willow really has no idea just how worried about the little boy she should be with Nelle out of Pentonville.

Next week, Nelle will be unhappy about something. It seems likely that this means her grand plans will be curtailed in some sense, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she won’t be eliminated as a threat quite yet. In the days or weeks ahead, she’ll embrace the new opportunities she has managed to grasp and trying to reclaim Jonah will surely figure into this new life somehow.

According to She Knows Soaps, Sasha is going to be shaken up in the days ahead, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this may be tied to Nelle. In addition, Nelle is going to connect with Brook Lynn and try to align with her, apparently. This almost certainly has to do with ELQ shares and voting, and Brook Lynn will have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to Nelle and her prior shenanigans.

The show has promised that the truth about Wiley will finally be revealed, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the time is coming soon. If Nelle is out of jail and ready to stake her claim on Shiloh’s estate and Oscar’s shares of ELQ, there’s no telling how crazy things might get in the coming days.