Fitness Model Julia Gilas Shows Off Toned Booty In Thong Swimsuit As She Reveals Details About Her Diet

Julia Gilas poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Julia Gilas / Instagram

Fitness model Julia Gilas showed off her enviably toned booty in the latest video on her Instagram page. In the brief clip, the 35-year-old stunner wore a black, thong-cut, one-piece swimsuit. At the beginning of the video, the camera was positioned behind the model, giving fans a generous view of her derriere. She eventually turned to one side, which briefly displayed the suit’s plunging neckline. At this point, Julia’s 4.8 million fans also caught a glimpse of the large sunglasses she wore for the video shoot. After a couple more coquettish poses from Julia, the clip faded to black.

But as the text on the video indicated, this post wasn’t all about delighting her fans with a display of her incredibly fit physique. Julia used the post’s second and third slides to outline her dietary choices, in response to fans who constantly ask her about what she eats in a day.

In those slides, Julia revealed that she eats five meals daily. She kicks things off with an omelet packed with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and spinach before her workout. She pairs that with a slice of jelly-covered Ezekiel bread.

Julia’s post-workout meal consists of a sweet potato with egg whites or a chicken and rice dish. The model also wrote that she likes having a shake with banana after working out as well.

For her third meal, Julia said that she prefers to eat either sea bass or any other type of lean fish accompanied by green peas or other green vegetables. She eats chicken, vegetables, and avocado next before ending the day with a protein-heavy meal like steak or meatballs with zucchini pasta. Julia also admitted that she sometimes has a protein shake with 1 teaspoon of almond butter as her last meal.

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Many of you have been asking me lately about my #diet and what I've been doing to look leaner. I thought I'd offer this post.  I've made some changes to my diet over the last few months. ✅1. I stopped eating junk. When I say "food", I mean one ingredient, example: Broccoli is food, broccoli mixed with sugary sauce is junk. The last junk meal I had was on December 15, (my birthday). This doesn't mean I don't have re-feed days, I do. A re-feed day is just more carbs than I normally would eat. I have re-feed days once- a- week. Junk food will cause inflammation, re-feed days are just eating more good food, like rice, potatoes or more fruit. Sometimes, I'll go out and have sushi. ✅2. I decreased my calories. I don't want you to think I cut like crazy, I didn't. I just went from 1600 #calories to 1200. That little difference added up over weeks, will make all the difference. But, if you're working out 4 times per week, I'd recommend a re-feed day. ✅3. Increased my protein intake. Yup, if you're cutting calories and working out, I'd recommend increasing your protein intake. If you don't you'll lose muscle, and just become a smaller version of yourself. That's not the goal. The goal is to be #leaner and have more #muscle . ✅4. Less Carbs: I eat most of my #carbs before, during and after my #workout .That's the best time to eat carbs ( and protein). I put honey with goat protein in my shaker. I use goat protein because I'm lactose intolerant, but if you're not, whey works great.  The rest of my day is veggies with lean meats, or fish.  On non-workout days, I eat carbs for breakfast and lunch. The rest of the day, just veggies, protein and good fats like wild salmon, avocado or flax oil. Most of my protein comes from fish, chicken, egg whites or any lean meat. ✅5. If I have #cravings in the evening I may eat some low carbs fruits like berries, but only after my meal. Never by itself. ????????Bodysuit from P.S. Slide pic to see some examples of my meals.

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The post has amassed more than 20,000 likes and close to 650 comments since its upload. In the comments section, fans showered Julia with compliments.

“So beautiful, and yet she can cook,” one fan wrote. “Perfect!”

“You’re literally the most beautiful and gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen,” another added.

But several others thanked the Ukrainian beauty for the detailed insight into her diet.

“Great to see an insta-model promoting real advice and not just ‘supplements,'” they wrote. “Real, genuinely balanced advice for your followers. Great work.”

“Thanks for the share, took a bit to read but love your nutrition advice,” a fourth commenter said. “And love the short vid, more beautiful then [sic] words can describe, Julia. Wow!”