January 14, 2020
Viral Video Shows Teenage Babysitters Laughing While A Toddler Tries Vaping

A viral video has been circulating on social media and seemingly enraging many who have seen it. In the footage, two teenage girls are apparently laughing while recording a small child attempting to vape. The child, who appears to still be a toddler, is seen putting the device into his mouth, inhaling, and then starts coughing. The child then seems to fall to the floor crying, according to a report by CNN.

Police discovered the video and visited the home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the clip was shot. They found a 17-year-old girl babysitting the two-year-old boy who was featured in the video. There was also an 18-year-old woman in the home, who is believed to be the other voice heard laughing in the footage. The situation is currently being investigated and the names of those involved have not been released. It seems they will likely face child endangerment charges.

The clip was originally posted on Snapchat where an anonymous person saw it and reported it to the police. The children's parents were also notified of the situation.

"The child, while observed in the video to be coughing after inhaling from the device, did not display any other visible effects," police said after investigating the situation.

The two teenagers are believed to be from the United School District of Armagh. Barbara Parkins, the school superintendent, released a statement regarding the incident.

"United administration was made aware of the video today, and the matter is being investigated by the authorities. We believe that two of our students were involved in the situation. The names of those students were provided to the authorities," she said.

Vaping can be dangerous for everybody, but it is especially so for young children. Underage vaping was called an epidemic in the past year, with many considering it to be one of the primary threats to the health of young people.

Although vaping devices are not as bad as cigarettes -- devices like Juul and others were created to help longterm adult smokers quit cigarettes by offering them a less dangerous alternative -- these products are certainly not healthy. Over the past few months, numerous states have passed laws in an attempt to curb the ease in which young people can get their hands on vaping products. Federal legislation has also been passed to address the situation.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the minimum age requirement to purchase products like cigarettes, cigars, or vaping pods has been raised from 18-years-old to 21-years-old.