Tarsha Whitmore Flaunts Insane Cleavage & Toned Abs In Two-Piece Mini Dress

Tarsha Whitmore poses for a selfie.
Tarsha Whitmore / Instagram

Australian model Tarsha Whitmore gave her Instagram followers a treat Tuesday with an up close and personal snap of her wearing a revealing two-piece dress.

Tarsha’s photo was taken inside of a car. Not much of the car could be seen because the camera was so close to her. Judging from the view outside the window just over her shoulder, the car was in a parking lot, as parked vehicles could be seen.

This photo was all about the brunette bombshell and her sexy black outfit. The cupped crop top had a low-cut neckline that showed off plenty of cleavage. For an added bit of bling, the top featured small silver studs under the cups and on the thin shoulders straps. The mini skirt also had a row of studs along the waistline.

The beauty was facing the camera, leaning back sideways in the seat. The pose put her voluptuous chest and flat abs on display. She appeared to be wearing a body lotion that shimmered — a detail that also drew the eye to her bosom. Her toned, bare thighs were also visible. Tarsha’s skin glowed a healthy bronze color, and she held both hands up to her temples as she gave the camera a serious look.

Tarsha’a hair was parted on the side and hung straight down her back. She wore a full face of makeup that included sculpted brows, thick lashes and smoky eyeshadow. Her cheeks and forehead were contoured, and she wore a matte color on her full lips. Her lacquered nails had French tips. She looked like she was on her way to spend a night out on the town.

In the caption, she cracked a joke about her expression and mentioned that her chic dress came from Meshki boutique.

Her followers seemed to enjoy seeing her at such a close angle. Many left behind flame and heart emoji, while others had more to say.

“Honestly… Amazing shot @tarsha.whitmore You look incredible. Love this,” one fan wrote.

“So gorgeous and sexy angel,” said a second admirer.

One follower had a little fun with Tarsha and commented about the look on her face.

“You look like you’re trying to hypnotize us,” they joked.

Tarsha doesn’t have to hypnotize her followers to keep them coming back for more. Her regular updates showing her in skimpy outfits is enough. She recently gave them an eyeful when she posed in a pink bikini that left little to the imagination.