Julie Chen Teases Fans With Another Cryptic Photo Inside The 'Big Brother' House

Julie Chen Moonves is making a career out of trolling Big Brother fans. The veteran CBS host posted a cryptic new photo to Instagram that has fans once again buzzing about the fate of the long-running reality show.

Julie, who has hosted Big Brother ever since its debut in the summer of 2000, posted a pic of what appears to be a two-story set with tons of cameras hanging from the ceiling. The upper floor of the dwelling opens up to the downstairs, and windows and a red railing can be seen. The setup looks very similar to the set of the CBS reality show Big Brother. Julie's photos focus on the many cameras dangling from up above.

Of course, the cryptic photo sparked a major buzz from Julie's followers and fellow Big Brother fans who called out the CBS host for being such a tease.

"Julie stop playing with our feelings like this," one fan wrote.

"Do you just troll us when you're bored?" another asked the CBS star.

"Always the most mysterious photos!" a third fan wrote to Julie.

Other fans held out hope that Julie's new post is a clue that there will be a new season Celebrity Big Brother this year. And others pointed out that while a celebrity edition of the show was not announced as part of CBS's winter schedule, there has been a lot of speculation that an all-stars season of Big Brother will be coming to the network.

Julie's new Instagram post comes amid more than two months of social media teasing from the wife of former CBS chief Les Moonves.

Last fall, Julie had fans in a frenzy as she posted a series of cryptic photos that showed her dressed up as several memorable Big Brother players from the reality show's first 20 seasons, including Big Brother 16's Zach Rance, two-time runner-up Paul Abrahamian, and original Big Brother legend Mike "Boogie" Malin. Julie also posted a photo that appeared to be taken in the Big Brother diary room and another of a GIF of her waving a sign with the show's logo.

At the time, diehard fans were convinced that Julie was teasing a long-awaited all-stars season of the show, but then her posts went silent.

Julie's more recent social media posts have been holiday-themed, but now she appears to be back in Big Brother mode for the new year. While there has been absolutely no announcement regarding a celebrity or all-star themed Big Brother season for this winter, Deadline previously confirmed that Julie Chen Moonves will be back as the host this summer for Big Brother 22 starting in June.