Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Knocks Out Impressive Upper Body Workout In Crop Top And Shorts

Ainsley Rodriguez poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez gave her 1.9 million Instagram followers a dose of inspiration on Monday in the most recent post shared to her Instagram page. In this shared video series, the Miami-based fitness model powered through a workout that focused on the upper body while wearing skintight green shorts and a cropped, loose-fitting white tank top over a sports bra.

In the first clip, Ainsley wowed viewers with an impressive speed run on a treadmill. In the caption, she recommended running for 30 seconds to get the workout started.

She followed up the speed run with a set of rope pulls in the second video, while the third clip saw her perform lateral raises with dumbbells in each hand.

She ditched the weights in the fourth video and whipped out her resistance bands for some bicep curls. Ainsley moved to a weight machine next, completing a set of single-arm rows. Her caption advised maintaining tension in the arm while doing this exercise, as well as pulling back before completing a full extension.

At the end of the circuit, the bands returned for a set of single-arm presses and tricep extensions.

The video series has accumulated more than 17,000 likes and 500-plus comments since having been uploaded.

Ainsley’s fans cheered her on from the comments section.

“Damn! You’re lookin’ all terminator status, lol! Keep up the hard grind,” one admirer wrote.

Another commenter compared her to a superhero.

“Wonder Woman ain’t got nothin on you,” they wrote.

“Nice workout! You’re awesome and really inspiring!” a third fan added. “Have a wonderful week!”

“You are the consummate fitness role model who looks amazing and is extremely athletic,” a fourth commenter said.

This last Instagram user also speculated that Ainsley’s one weakness was that she didn’t know how to dance the salsa. But the fitness model’s response indicated that the commenter was mistaken.

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You asked for more so here’s a FULL quick upper body workout for you to save and try tomorrow! ???????? – You DONT need to give up social events and yummy food to stay in shape this year – you just need to CONTINUE your routine before and after those off days and make sure the ‘good choices’ outweigh the ‘less nutritious’ ones! . Here is a quick upper body time under tension workout! All moves are SLOW and CONTROLLED focusing on FORM and holds for each rep! . SUPERSET warmup: Slide 1: Sprint 30 seconds Slide 2- Rope Pull 30 seconds *Rest 1 min between sets and repeat for 5 sets* . SUPERSET Slide 3- Lateral Raises x 15 reps Slide 4- Band Bicep Curls x 20 reps *4 sets . SUPERSET Slide 5 -Single Arm Row x 12 reps each arm (keep the tension and don’t fully extend) Slide 6 -Banded Single Arm Press x 12 reps Slide 7- Banded Tricep Extension x 20 reps *4 sets

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In Ainsley’s previous Instagram workout series, she focused on training her abdominals and demonstrated a selection of home workouts that target this part of the body. Unlike the most recent videos on her page, she incorporated a sand ball into the routine in order to add resistance to some of the exercises. The circuit included weighted sit-ups, side ball slams, alternating planks, and more. This second post has been liked over 13,000 times so far, attracting more than 350 comments as of this writing.

“Here’s a quickie for you to save for the next time you’re sitting on the couch watching TV or as a finisher at the gym!” she wrote in the caption of that post. “Perform all moves back to back with no rest!”