Amanda Bynes’ Twitter Was Either Hacked Or She’s Just Being Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes wants Drake

There are two Amanda Bynes in your memory. There’s the Amanda Bynes that was. The All That Amanda Bynes. The What I Like About You Amanda Bynes. Then there’s the real Amanda Bynes, Amanda Bynes 2.0, who insists everything is on the up-and-up while tweeting things like:

If you’ve always had sort of a crush on Ms. Bynes, I imagine a tweet like that makes you immediately and painfully aware of how old you are. Nothing throws cold water onto childhood/young adult nostalgia like that kind of tweet.

But Amanda Bynes is a 26-year-old single woman now. She’s allowed to have a celebrity crush, we’re just not sure it’s healthy for anyone to bottle it up for so long that it comes spilling out like that.

Needless to say, the tweet has shocked the Internet from Gawker to The Huffington Post.

But if you’ve been paying attention, this is probably the most normal and human (even funny) thing that Bynes has done in a long while.

Her increasingly strange and erratic behavior is being picked up all over despite her attempts to keep a lid on her new life. Her driving troubles and odd gym behavior are a thing of the past, but she has reportedly gone full-on Howard Hughes in other ways. The crazy is nowhere more apparent than on her own Twitter account, where all she talks about anymore is Drake, “twerking out,” and what she’s eating.

Are you beginning to see why tweeting this:

… is a pretty normal thing to do, all things considered? Even sort of a funny thing to do?

E! Online thinks Amanda Bynes was hacked. The Huffington Postthinks she’s crazy. Gawker doesn’t have much to say about it at all.

I think Amanda Bynes is just being Amanda Bynes.