Brandi Glanville Once Again Bashed LeAnn Rimes’ Stepmom Habits

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Brandi Glanville said she was done talking about LeAnn Rimes publicly, but apparently she did not mean it … or at least she forgot her promise. During an interview and fan chat during an OK Magazine hangout, Glanville decided it was time to bash Rimes for her stepmom habits once again.

Brandi Glanville said does not necessarily have any problems with LeAnn Rimes’ stepmom skills. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star may be holding onto a lot of angst and insecurity after the divorce. She does not like the way the country singer executes her bonus mom role or how Rimes talks about the boys.

Did the RHOBH star say Eddie Cibrian’s wife called the boys ill-behaved or state she doesn’t like helping raise the children? No. LeAnn Rimes’ stepmom crime apparently stems from saying how much she loves the children and looks forward to spending time with them.

Sadly, there are likely thousands of children from failed marriages who do not retain a solid relationship with their father, let alone have a stepmom who genuinely treats them like family. There are probably many divorced mothers in America who would love to have Brandi Glanville’s stepmom woes.

Instead of having children that cry because daddy doesn’t show up for weekend visits (Eddie Cibrian reportedly has the boys half the time) or feel dejected because a stepmom doesn’t take an interest in their lives, Glanville has sons that spend time in two houses that are full of love.

While the RHOBH star surely has the right not to be best pals with the woman her husband had an affair with, it is way past time to move on from the love triangle drama. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Glanville confronted a waitress who allegedly had an affair with Eddie Cibrian before LeAnn Rimes. Whether or not the waitress cheating allegations are true, there were obviously problems in the marriage, hence the divorce.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan asked Glanville how she would feel about LeAnn Rimes if Eddie Cibrian would have divorced her first and then later dated Rimes. Brandi said that since the scenario did not play out that way, she would never know if she would feel differently about LeAnn Rimes as a stepmom – fair enough.

Regardless of how Rimes became a stepmom, she does hold that title now. When responding to the fan’s question, the RHOBH mom said that LeAnn texted her “really horrible things” in relation to the boys. One of the upsetting messages reportedly stated, “I love the boys. I can’t wait to make their lunches.”

How dastardly of the stepmom to let the mom know that her children would be met with welcoming arms and have a nice lunch to take to school. Brandi Glanville needs to focus on the boys and be grateful that their stepmom treats them in a loving manner.

No one can dispute that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were morally wrong when they committed adultery, they don’t deny that fact themselves. The couple has been married for several years, the drama that unfolded before the walked down the aisle is long since over. All the public statements by Brandi Glanville about LeAnn Rimes only create more animosity. A civil co-parenting relationship between the three adults is necessary for the overall mental and emotional well-being of the boys.

I just can’t help but picture a pint-sized Brandi Glanville snatching a Barbie doll back from another girl and shouting, “mine, mine, mine.” The boys are not just someone’s sons or stepsons, they are human beings. They should not have to spend their childhood embroiled in a tug-of-war between the people they love.

At least one of the boys is old enough to Google his mother’s name and watch all of her interviews. How is a boy who loves his mother very much, yet also loves his stepmom to feel when he watches and reads interviews like the OK Magazine one? The child might feel like a traitor for hugging the woman his mom says hurt her feelings. Children should not be placed in such an anxiety-inducing situation.

Brandi Glanville does not like LeAnn Rimes because she slept with her husband, we get it … enough already. A failed marriage left Glanville feeling like the woman scorned, she felt the need to vent and share her views on the topic, fine. Now move past it and focus on raising those adorable boys in conjunction with their father and stepmom.

A team of parents is surely not what the RHOBH star expected when Eddie Cibrian slid a ring on her finger, but that scenario has become a reality. It is impossible for a child to have too much love. As hard as it must be to have your children away from you, Glanville should be grateful they are in a safe home that a dad and stepmom who are equally concerned with their well-being.

If all the public bashing would truly stop, perhaps Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes could sit down and have a respectful conversation about what the RHOBH star considers “proper boundaries” and how the woman can work together to offer stability and a consistency in the boys’ lives.

What do you think about Brandi Glanville’s comments about LeAnn Rimes’ stepmom habits?

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