Brunette Bombshell Katelyn Runck Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Skintight Dress

Katelyn Runck poses for a selfie.
Katelyn Runck / Instagram

Model Katelyn Runck looked gorgeous as she rocked a skintight dress that hugged her every curve in her latest Instagram update. The post consisted of two photos and a short video clip.

The beauty’s dress was a cream color and featured an interesting neckline that consisted of a strap that went over her shoulders and one extremely low-cut side that exposed a good deal of her breast. The dress had a horizontal ribbed pattern that gave it texture. The sexy number went down to Katelyn’s knees, showing off her hourglass shape.

One photo showed Katelyn sitting down next to a wall with a vine sprawling across it. She crossed one leg over the other as she posed with her arms at her sides. The camera captured her from the knee up, giving fans a nice look at her figure while she smiled.

The other snap showed Katelyn’s full body. In it, she stood at a slight angle with one hand on her hip. She held her hair up with her other hand, while she gazed at something out of the frame. The pose highlighted her curvy outline and slender waist. She wore a pair of light beige strappy heels to complete her chic look.

The video clip captured the stunner striking several poses in a sitting position. It began by showing Katelyn from the side as she sat with her back straight, emphasizing her curves. She placed her hands around her thin midsection as the camera moved in front of her. She then ran her hands through her hair as she gave the camera a sultry look. The clip ended as she crossed her legs and placed a hand on the small of her back.

For the photos and video, Katelyn’s hair was parted on the side and fell down in loose curls. She wore a face full of makeup that included dark brows and a nude shade on her lush lips.

In the caption, she mentioned that the dress was from Bebe Stores.

Her fans were wowed by how incredible Katelyn looked in the simple, yet elegant dress.

“So nice, I’m running out of adjectives to describe you katelyn, so I’ll stick with the best one BEAUTIFUL,” one fan wrote.

“Katelyn you are always so beautiful! It’s incredible!” a second fan said.

Katelyn has a way of looking sensational in everything she wears. Last week, she shared an update in which she looked fabulous in a chambray dress.