Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Powers Through Intense Ab Workout In Blue Crop Top And Leggings

Model Michelle Lewin attends the 2016 MAXIM Hot 100 Party
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Fitness model Michelle Lewin showed off her bombshell abdominal muscles in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. In the clip, the 33-year-old Venezuelan stunner powered through an ab-focused circuit at the gym while wearing a blue long-sleeved crop top and matching leggings.

Michelle started the exercise demonstration with a set of rope crunches and said that she enjoys doing this exercise because it allows her to lift heavy while doing fewer reps. In the caption, she also noted that the movement was short because her abdominal muscles were activated instead of her hip flexors.

In the second clip, she performed a set of reverse crunches on an incline bench. For this exercise, Michelle recommended breathing out while raising the knees to the chest and flexing the abs.

The third clip saw her do some V-ups with her hands placed on a bench for stabilization. She suggested keeping the knees bent for this one and said that it’s a great workout for the lower abdomen.

She ended the circuit with a set of classic situps and recommended doing “as many as you can” after you do other ab-centric exercises.

Michelle didn’t target her obliques in the video series and said that she doesn’t like to focus on this part of her abdominal muscles. In her caption, she explained that each ab exercise will ultimately train the obliques as well and invited fans to message her to find out why she isn’t a fan of building them.

As of this writing, the clip has been viewed over 90,000 times. In the comments section, fans showered Michelle with praise.

“Beautiful abs and gorgeous lady you are, Michelle Lewin,” one fan wrote.

“Number one female fitness role model,” a second added.

“Damn girl, you could grind meat on those,” a third commenter said of the fitness model’s abdominal muscles.

“Nice!! Loved the vid!! You always look smashing!!” a fourth Instagram user wrote.

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Abs you want? Abs you will have. -On the way for us to finally get your abs visible, we've got to work on: 1) Reducing your fat level 2) Strengthen, shaping & firming the abdomen. Number☝???? I've received a surprisingly high amount of messages, asking how to burn belly fat. The truth is, you can't do that. Yes, some people put on more fat on the belly than others, but that has to do with DNA and hormone unbalance (estrogen level most likely too high). To reduce the belly fat, you must reduce ALL body fat, and the belly fat comes with it. And the only way to get there: Discipline. Setting a goal and stick to it. And for sure,get professional help if you don't know (yes, I can help you with that)????????‍♀️ -For number✌????Let's rock???????????????????? 1️⃣Rope crunches are really good to start with. Many people can do 30-50 reps doing normal crunches, but to start heavy and less reps (10-15), we can add weight here. Note how short the movement is. That's because we are using the abs here, and not the hip flexors, which will be the case if the movement continues further down. 2️⃣Find the inclination that works for you. Maybe even start on a flat bench. Breath out when you lift up, and flex as hard as you can with lungs completely empty at top position. Breath in as you return. 8-12 reps. 3️⃣V-ups: Bent legs will make it a bit easier, straight legs a bit tougher. Use your hands for stabalization. No hands at all will also train your balance, but without stabilization I personally feel it's difficult to keep the focus on the abs. But maybe that's just me. 4️⃣1000 crunches per day is a goal for many, but I would call it pretty much a waste of time. It's better to focus on heavy exercises a couple of times per week, then finish off with these. Crunches can also be done heavy, by stabilizing your feet and add a weight on the chest. In that case, the movement would be very similar to the first exercise with the rope. Observe here how short movements there are in a correctly executed crunch. About those obliques: In every ab exercise you will train the obliques too.It's important to keep them firm, but I am no fan of building them… send me a DM and I’ll tell you why????????‍♀️

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This post is the continuation of a series on Michelle’s Instagram page where she demonstrates exercises that target a particular body part while answering simple questions about the workout posed by her husband Jimmy Lewin. In the previous installment, she focused on the triceps and completed a circuit that included pulldowns, tricep dips, and skull crushers.

“How can we transform the jelly triceps to become a firm muscle? Is it possible?” she wrote in the caption. “YES, it is very possible, so let’s do this.”

The post proved popular with Michelle’s fans. So far it has racked up more than 100,000 views and close to 1,000 comments.