Kelly Ripa Sneaks A Throwback Photo Of Daughter Lola Into A Birthday Post Honoring Her Two Best Pals

Dominik BindlGetty Images

Kelly Ripa thrilled fans with a throwback photo of daughter Lola Consuelos that she cleverly snuck into an Instagram birthday post filled with touching images that honored her two favorite women, pals Elsa Collins and Rachael Harris. The pair, who share a birthday, were lauded by Kelly with a sequence of photos and lots of love on the social media site.

Kelly stated that the women were two of her favorite “do-gooders” and shared seven separate images of herself with her pals, the final one featuring a throwback photo of Kelly’s daughter Lola.

In the first image, Kelly posted a black-and-white pic of herself and Elsa making kissy faces at the camera. Elsa is co-founder of The Ideateur, a social impact and political consulting group focusing on sports, culture, and entertainment. She also works closely with groups like My Brother’s Keeper, Voto Latino, Rock the Vote, and Harness, reported the website Votolatino.

The second image featured Kelly alongside Rachael, who has her head on Kelly’s shoulder. Rachael is an actress and comedienne who plays Dr. Linda Martin on the series Lucifer. Her character is a professional psychotherapist who maintains an intimate relationship with her patient Lucifer Morningstar.

The other images Kelly uploaded to the social media site show Elsa and Kelly working together on various humanitarian projects, and Kelly and Rachael attending a New York City parade and celebrating the holidays together.

The final photo shows Elsa and a younger Lola Consuelos, heads together, in a sweet moment.

Famous friends were the first to chime in on Kelly’s photo sequence, including Lola who wished the women a happy birthday and stated that she “loved and missed them.”

Also sending his congratulations was ABC Newsman David Muir, who shared sweet sentiments to the women.

Both of the birthday girls also thanked Kelly in the caption for her love and expressed their gratitude for her friendship.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star had a portion of her 2.6 million followers also chime in with their own good wishes for the women regarding the pics, which were liked over 31,000 times.

“Happy Birthday to your friends!!!! Great pictures!!! Even Lola loves them. Awww,” said one follower of the television personality.

“Love how you slipped in a picture of Lola! Classic!” remarked a second fan in the comments section of the social media post.

“Gawwww Kelly you are so hilarious! You’re cute too… but mostly hilarious!” said a third fan of the former All My Children star.