‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liesl Obrecht Tries To Find A New Direction In Her Life

General Hospital star Kathleen Gati.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Liesl Obrecht was considered a General Hospital villain at one time, but she has changed her ways in recent years. That certainly doesn’t mean that she is a saint these days. It just means that she isn’t as bad as she used to be. However, she still has those tendencies that get her into trouble–like keeping secrets.

Obrecht has learned that keeping a major secret can cause the people that she loves the most to be hurt. Nina recently discovered that her aunt Liesl knew all along about Valentin’s secret of Sasha not being Nina’s daughter. Once her niece found out, that has caused some friction between them, despite the fact that Nina ended up forgiving her. Now, Liesl appears to be trying to figure out what to do with her life. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that she runs into some trouble trying to forge a new path.

Liesl’s past may be catching up to her. Everyone in Port Charles knows all of the trouble that she has caused. She is holding onto yet another huge secret that will eventually get her into even more trouble. As if she isn’t hated enough by some people in town, the baby swap secret that she is holding over Brad’s head could ruin her once it is found out that she has been keeping mum about who Wiley really belongs to.

It is all about to blow up, and her name is bound to come up once Nelle and Brad decide to tell the whole story of how baby Jonah came to be Wiley. Liesl was involved that night helping to deliver a healthy baby, and she eventually discovered that Brad is keeping Michael’s child from him.

Right now, Michael is extremely worried about Wiley since Brad is trying to juggle the little boy without Lucas. Michael still has no idea that his godson is really his own child. He also doesn’t realize what’s ahead soon when the mother of his child is getting released from prison.

Liesl could reveal this secret, but her life would also blow up even more than it is already. The fallout for her and Julian Jerome, who also knows the truth, will be huge, especially since Sonny Corinthos is Jonah’s grandson.

General Hospital promises much more drama ahead. There will be more details revealed soon on this baby switch storyline as it is coming to a head.