Anthony Scaramucci Appears To Offer Cryptic Prediction About Donald Trump: ‘The End Is Coming’

Donald Trump speaks to reporters on the White House lawn.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci appears to have an ominous prediction about Donald Trump’s presidency, saying there will soon be an abrupt end to his time in office.

The former White House member-turned-critic of Trump took to Twitter to post what appeared to be a cryptic message about the end of his presidency.

“The end is coming and it will end abruptly,” wrote Scaramucci, who for months has been predicting that Trump’s presidency would come to an end before the 2020 presidential election.

Scaramucci did not elaborate on exactly what he meant, but it appeared to be a hint that he may have inside information about the inner workings of the White House. This was supported by a reply from actor Tom Arnold, a former competitor on the Celebrity Apprentice who also has been predicting that Trump’s presidency will end in shame.

“Don’t ruin it,” Arnold wrote, himself not elaborating on what inside information the two could share.

Since Trump’s election, Arnold has been predicting that the release of allegedly secret tapes from The Apprentice will sink Trump. Arnold has hinted that these tapes, which he claimed were being kept under wraps by NBC, showed Trump making racially charged and sexually inappropriate comments.

“I would love Mark Burnett, who sits at the prayer breakfast with [Trump], I’d like him to stand up and say, ‘We had to cut out all the lies, sexual harassment and incompetence,'” Arnold said, via The Hollywood Reporter.

“He sits next to Donald Trump, and gives him cover. He never says one word. Mark Burnett says he’s a Christian, and he lets that man do all that bullsh*t and he let a sexual harasser work on his show.”

It was not clear if Scaramucci’s insinuation about the end of Trump’s presidency was related at all to Arnold’s predictions, but Scaramucci in the past has predicted an abrupt end to Trump’s time in office. As The Inquisitr reported, the former White House communications director told MSNBC that if the Senate impeachment trial included top White House officials as witnesses — such as former National Security Adviser John Bolton and acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney — Trump would simply quit rather than take the pressure of the evidence against him.

Even before the impeachment scandal erupted, Scaramucci had been predicting that Trump would be out of office by 2020 election, saying that the president would not be able to handle the shame of losing the election and would rather quit instead.