‘Star Trek: The Video Game’ Brings New Look To Old Gorn Enemies [Video]

Gorn is reimagined in new Star Trek Video Game

Star Trek: The Video Game has almost gotten as much press as the movie reboot series. The game is actually taking advantage of the fact that the movie series has been rebooted by bringing new characters and old enemies into the game.

While Khan has long been rumored to be the villain that will feature prominently in the movie version, the Gorn are being recreated for the video game.

If the Gorn sounds familiar but you can’t quite put your finger on it, that is because the race had a very small part in the original series.

Despite the fact that the lizard race of aliens appeared in just one episode, it was an episode that helped William Shatner’s Star Trek series really take off.

In the episode, Captain Kirk is stranded on a desert island with one of the creatures and has to do battle with him in one-on-one combat.

Star Trek: The Video Game has taken that small but iconic appearance and turned the creatures into the main villains, who are bent on taking over the federation.

A new video has surfaced that shows what the game’s developers have done with the Gorn. Gone is the weird little dress looking outfit and the man sized shape.

Now the new enemy race are quite a bit more lizard like and quite a bit more impressive. The game developers have also brought a few new kinds of Gorn into the picture.

The new video shows that not only are there different sizes and shapes of this new enemy, but they even have different sexes. Female Gorn had to be created from scratch since they had never been discuss or introduced before.

Star Trek: The Video Game is due to be released on April 23 in the United States and April 26 in the United Kingdom, check out the video of the new Gorn below.