Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Want Donald Trump Out Of The White House Before They Move To U.S., Reports Say

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Amid reports that Meghan Markle pushed her husband, Prince Harry, to step back from his duties as a member of the British Royal family so that she can resume her Hollywood acting career, new reports emerged over the weekend saying that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are, indeed, planning to relocate to Los Angeles, California. But they have one condition that must be met first.

The royal couple wants Donald Trump to leave office before they become full-time residents of the United States, according to a report by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper on Sunday.

Markle is a native of Los Angeles, and her mother with whom she remains close continues to live in the area. But according to “friends” of the couple cited by The Mail, Markle and the prince will first settle in Canada, waiting out Trump’s term, before making the permanent move to Los Angeles where they plan to find a permanent home and start some sort of unspecified “business.”

Members of the royal family are expected to keep their political views private. But before she became a royal with her marriage to Harry, Markle in one interview, quoted by Britain’s The Sun tabloid, blasted Trump as “misogynistic” and “divisive.”

“We film Suits in Toronto and I might just stay in Canada,” Markle said in 2016, referring to the USA Network drama series in which she starred before she left the show to join the royal family.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly want Donald Trump (pictured) out of office before they move to the U.S.Featured image credit: Win McNameeGetty Images

Prince Harry was expected to meet with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and other members of the family at the royal Sandringham estate on Sunday to negotiate some sort of an agreement that would avert a full-fledged crisis for the British monarchy. But according to a report by the Mirror newspaper, Markle and the prince hold considerable leverage due to the queen’s fear that her granddaughter-in-law will go to the media and give a “no holds barred” interview that could scandalize the royals.

According to the Mirror report, the queen worries that Markle will paint a picture of the royals as “racist and sexist.” But a source inside Buckingham Palace told The Mirror that such an interview would be a “nuclear option,” in the event that Markle and Prince Harry are dissatisfied with any solution offered by the queen.

Markle is reportedly already in Canada, waiting for Prince Harry to join her after his meeting with the queen. But she was expected to take part in the emergency family meeting by phone.