Haley Kalil Gets Cheeky In A Rainbow Swimsuit On Instagram

Haley Kalil was spotted on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram account yesterday. The video update showed her getting cheeky in a rainbow-colored swimsuit.

The outfit featured bright pastel-toned hues. The trim was bright pink while the swimsuit was made up of horizontal stripes. The front of the ensemble was obscured in the post. However, the back of it featured a high-rise cut which left her derriere showing.

The clip was a behind-the-scenes look at Haley's photo shoot for the 2020 edition of the highly anticipated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was seen striking a dynamic pose at the beach.

The stunner stood on her left foot and arched her back. She placed her hands behind her on a rock formation and popped her right knee into the air.

The clip began with Haley throwing her head back. Her hair fell down behind her as she closed her eyes. Behind her was larger white rock formation, among other smaller ones. The ocean waves were rolling in.

The model then tilted her head down and glanced over at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. She continued to change the angle of her chin. The ocean waters almost reached her feet before they receded again. The people on set could be heard shouting encouragement and direction to Haley.

Fans headed to the comments section to compliment the bombshell.

"These are going to be gorgeous," declared an admirer.

"@haleyybaylee you never disappoint! Wishing you continued success with life and work," wrote a follower.

"Such a BEAUTIFUL place! Just celebrated my wedding there!!! Gorgeous as always @haleyybaylee," expressed a fan.

The geotag revealed that the photo shoot took place at the Virgin Gorda, which is located in the east side of the British Virgin Islands.

"Oh, I didn't know you were back for SI:S 2020, @haleyybaylee! I was a little disappointed when I thought you weren't in the 2020 lineup," noted a fourth Instagram user.

Although people will need to wait longer for the final results of the shoot, these sneak peeks seem to be getting Haley's fans excited.

The beauty recently revealed the news that she would be part of this year's swimsuit issue. She did so with a revealing Instagram photo where she flaunted her underboob. Her ensemble consisted of a cropped, light blue top and purple bottoms. The top was short and left her chest showing. She was striking a pose at the beach while the ocean waves rolled in.