‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Convinced That Nikolas Is In Danger From Ryan Chamberlain

Ryan is bound to find out that Ava married someone else.

General Hospital star Jon Lindstrom.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Ryan is bound to find out that Ava married someone else.

Nikolas Cassadine may soon be in danger, according to some General Hospital fans, and it’s not because of Valentin. His quickie marriage to Ava Jerome may have just made him the target of Ryan Chamberlain’s rage. Viewers know that anyone who irritates the Port Charles serial killer is usually in harm’s way. What better way to enrage Ryan than by marrying his goddess?

Ryan is sitting in a cell in Pentonville. While there hasn’t been any confirmed General Hospital spoilers that suggest that Ryan will be back on air anytime soon, the probability definitely exists. The last time Ava’s ex was seen, he was attacking Nelle Benson with a knife.

Of course, viewers know that the whole thing was cooked up by Nelle herself. Ryan wasn’t too worried about the repercussions of his actions, but when he hears about Ava getting hitched, his feelings may drastically change. As for the object of his obsession, Ava is heading somewhere on a trip, as Soap Central teases. Where is she headed?

It’s doubtful that Nikolas will be going anywhere with his new wife at this time since he just reappeared after being “dead” for three years. That would certainly leave Nik as a sitting duck at Wyndemere if Ryan should happen to get wind of their nuptials. He may or may not know about Ryan’s killing spree or about his obsession with Ava, but fans are up for the moment that Ryan Chamberlain finds out that his woman is no longer single.

“I cannot wait till Ryan finds out Ava is a married woman & it’s to the Cassadine Prince! Lol he’s def gonna escape..you know that coming,” one person said on social media.

“So one of the best things about this #Nava pairing is seeing Ryan’s reaction to his Ava getting married to someone other than him!” another fan said.

The Inquisitr had teased that Nik and Ava’s marriage will shake things up in Port Charles. It seems that everyone who is told about it is shocked and in disbelief. Seeing Ryan’s reaction will most likely be one of rage and evil thoughts. That is one way of shaking things up. Unfortunately, Ryan Chamberlain is a very dangerous man and if he should get out, no one is safe.

There is no confirmation right now that Ryan will be on screen anytime soon, but it does seem likely that he will eventually be seen, and General Hospital fans are ready for his reaction to Ava’s good news.