Firaxis Announces ‘Haunted Hollow’ Game For iOS

Haunted Hollow

Firaxis, the creators of such great PC games a Xcom and Sid Meier’s Civilization series is trying its hand at iOS with a game called Haunted Hollow. The new game will be available through the iTunes app store later this Spring.

The game will apparently be free-to-play which can have both good and bad aspects and will be a turn based strategy game that incorporates aspects of Civilization but gives you the ability to control Ghosts, Ghouls and other supernatural creatures.

Firaxis says that the game centers around you basically trying to take over a town with your monsters starting from your spooky old mansion. You will be competing against a computer player in single player mode or against another human in multiplayer mode.

With your mansion on one side of town, and your opponents on another the game is a race to spread your monsters throughout the region as quick as possible.

Haunted Hollow will allow you to choose just how you want to carry out your approach to the strategy. Do you want to add a new room to your mansion, or move one of your creatures out into the town?

The way you take on your opponent will decide whether you get the victory. By building another room, you will get new monsters to unleash. If you move out into town, you’ll capture valuable land.

When your monsters run into the opponents’ creatures a battle will ensue. In the end, whoever dominates the town will claim victory. You can also perform “scares” that will help you gain access to other houses.

Haunted Hallow2

The game will also send out angry villagers, who will randomly attack either you or your opponent and provide an extra obstacle to victory. Firaxis says that the game will be free to play but you can spend some cash to unlock different monsters in Haunted Hollow that will allow you to dominate your village better.

Haunted Hallow 3