WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Almost Beat Up Robber During A Poker Game


WWE‘s Samoa Joe has a reputation for being as tough outside of the ring as he is inside it. During the latest episode of the After the Bell podcast, the Monday Night Raw superstar joined Corey Graves to discuss a variety of topics, one of which was the story of a time where he got into an altercation during a poker game.

According to Joe, by the way of 411Mania, he, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles were in the middle of a high stakes game following an independent show back in the day, when he felt something hit him on the back of the head. The three men had thousands of dollars on the table, and Styles encouraged Joe to chase after the culprit. Joe took his advice, which led to him almost coming to blows with the guilty party.

“I merely grabbed him by the throat, lifted him off the ground. Had him up against the wall, was preparing to launch several rounds of punches into his face when the hotel staff and several other people had informed me that the police were on the way. And I think they finally peeled my hands off his throat, pulled me back and we calmed down.”

Joe revealed that it was a “prank gone wrong,” but he later found out that the guy was a “piece of human excrement” who had a reputation of stealing other wrestlers’ belongings. The Monday Night Raw superstar believes that the man is in jail these days, and while he conceded that he could have handled the situation differently, he revealed that he’s against people trying to rob him.

The superstar also admitted that he’s hazy about the specific details, but some of his colleagues have filled in the gaps throughout the years. In addition to Styles and Daniels, former Impact Wrestling star Abyss — who now works as an agent for WWE — was also present that night, and he’s recounted the story to Joe since it happened.

The poker game incident isn’t the only time where Joe has almost been involved in a violent altercation in the real world, either. As The Inquisitr reported back in November, he revealed that he’d been threatened with violence while visiting his family, though it’s possible that he was joking as he didn’t supply any context with the claim.

At the time of this writing, Joe is currently feuding with Seth Rollins and AOP on weekly television.